4G/5G All-In One solutions from Comgate unburdening

The introduction last year by Comgate of All-in-one packages have set a dynamic in motion that actually makes a lot of sense. Just as you are used to with fixed line internet or telephony subscriptions, Comgate offers packages, where hardware and connectivity are combined in a subscription for a fixed amount per month. In addition, Comgate provides warranty and support on the packages offered for the duration of the subscription.

Temporary Internet is one of the solutions that is very popular. There are a number of factors that explain its success. Due to Comgate's expertise in both hardware and connectivity, it is all about the combination of a good router, which can be fully managed in the cloud, together with a 4G/5G data bundle of 25 GB per day and the support and service that Comgate offers. during the term of the package. We see that this package is being used pending the installation of fiber optic, or for temporary locations, such as construction sites and pop-up stores. The ease of use of this package completely unburdens you. You also do not have to make a one-time investment in hardware.

New solutions for specific applications
The market quickly developed a need for specific applications. Driven by price and possibilities, they called on our expertise, which we gladly put to use. This quickly led to a number of additional packages including the 4G Back-up package, managed IoT package and 5G for SMEs. We creatively respond to the various needs and have become the market leader at lightning speed, where price and service are important pillars of our service.

The All-In One solutions provide you with a fast, secure and reliable data and Internet connection. Specially developed to relieve you of the burden of finding, configuring, installing and commissioning mobile Internet solutions. The engineers of Comgate and Capestone ensure that the solution is complete and is delivered fully configured, including the necessary connectivity. In this newsletter we pay extra attention to the benefits you get with the All-in One Solutions.

In addition, as an extension of our service we offer additional Service Level Agreements for all internet packages: Temporary Internet, XNUMXG Backup and the All-In One Solutions. So you can be sure that you always get the service you want. Good example of this is our partner GidPro who uses SLA package: Always Online to guarantee uptime to their customers.

Keep your focus and get premium service

Service Level Agreements

As an extension of our service, you also have the option of concluding a Service Level Agreement. This can be closed at the 4G/5G All-in-One Solutions and internet packages such as: Temporary Internet and the 4G Back-up.

Each partner has its own needs and requirements regarding the mobile Internet connection. For this reason, Comgate works with three different Service Level Agreement levels. So you can be sure that you always receive the best service at any time.

Different service levels

In the table below you will find the contents of the Comgate SLA. The different levels describe the additional quality of service between Comgate and you as a partner.

Would you like to know more about our Service Level Agreements? Get in touch with sales@comgate.io or call 085 111 0839.

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Gidpro about SLA: Always Online

GidPro is the specialist in providing ICT Support for events. Since last year, the responsibility of the entire infrastructure of dozens of rapid test streets throughout the Netherlands such as Eindhoven, Leeuwarden and event location Ahoy has been added. To achieve the goals of the rapid test lanes by GidPro, the collaboration between Comgate and Gidpro was intensified and a SLA was concluded for guaranteeing the highest service level.

”We deliver mobile internet to various Covid-XNUMX test streets in the Netherlands with the Temporary Internet packages from Comgate. There is a high time pressure involved because the visitor is tied to a time slot, but the test result must also be available within a certain time. In order to always be able to guarantee the highest quality and uptime to our customer, it is extremely important that we work with reliable systems, equipment and support. With SLA Always Online, Comgate and its sister company Capestone gives us the assurance that we can count on expert support and expertise in a business-critical and time-sensitive environment,” said Danny Kronenburg, founder and owner of GidPro. 


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