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More than a year ago, Comgate launched its new website: With the arrival of the Comgate website, a range of Managed 4G/5G Solutions have also been introduced for various verticals including Enterprise, Maritime, IoT, Retail, Construction and Automotive. But also the 4G/5G Solutions: 4G Backup and Temporary Internet. In the past year we informed you about the sale of these complete solutions in an OPEX model, where you benefit from extra margins on additional products and services. And with success, because many of our partners have started working with our solutions!

Of course we haven't been sitting still since the launch! New content is added weekly in the form of a news item, use case or technology page. New services, propositions and Comgate Solutions also remain continuously up-to-date. With our website we hope to support you as a partner with relevant content, solutions and tools. In this news item we walk you through a number of different elements of the website.

4G/5G Solutions

Comgate's 4G/5G Solutions are specially developed to unburden you and your company when selecting, configuring, installing and commissioning mobile internet solutions. We notice that many companies are looking for specific mobile internet solutions within certain industries or applications. By offering different Solutions, we ensure that we always have an answer to your question! Last month, Comgate introduced 4G/5G Mobile Internet for SMBs. But we can already inform you that more Solutions will be added in 2022.

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Comgate portals

With the data cards of Providers KPN IoT and Kore you have the option to monitor and manage the SIM cards from the associated Portal. This allows customers to analyze data and as a partner you can offer additional services to monitor the connected devices in which the SIM cards are placed on various variables. This provides insight into your deployment at a detailed level. Think of the location of the SIM cards, the data usage, time of a data package and via which operator it was sent. You can of course print out a report for your customer with all the data neatly arranged. You can also set alerts, so that you receive an e-mail or text message in case of abnormal or expected behavior of a SIM card.

These additional services offer you various options to provide your customers with good service in their IoT projects for a fee. Via the page: Comgate portals you will find access to the various portals that our providers offer.

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Use cases

In our view, we can best show you what Comgate is capable of through use cases. We are happy to explain the success stories of our partners in which we have been able to contribute. This can be a complete mobile internet solution with connectivity with matching hardware and support or a simpler solution with just the Comgate IoT data card.

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