CES 2022 findings and trends: Let's connect everything!

CES is billed as a bellwether for the year to come. It also demonstrates how the tech world responds to largely global trends, in a one-stop shop. After visiting CES we can identify/predict the industry trends that are best poised to define CES — and, perhaps by extension, 2022.

Vehicle technology

With features like adaptive cruise control, collision prevention and lane guidance, technology is paving the way to safer roads. Players in the automotive ecosystem mostly focussed on electric vehicles (EVs), connected cars, autonomous mobility, digital cockpit, infotainment, robotics and shared mobility. This trend is in line with the industry shift towards CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared/Services and Electrification).

Augmented and virtual reality

From healthcare to manufacturing and everything in-between, industries worldwide are leveraging virtual and augmented reality to create compelling, real-time experiences. Numerous vendors at CES 2022 showed off augmented reality headsets with expectations for a breakthrough year ahead for smart glasses. Vuzix was at the show in Las Vegas demonstrating its latest products, which are aimed primarily at enterprise users.

Connected cars CES 2022


An increasingly important role at CES. That includes moving beyond sheer novelty and tried and true form factors like robot vacuums. For example elder tech, agtech, prosthesis, physiotherapists, factories and disinfecting robots.


remote work

The pandemic had a big impact on the category. After years of decline, PC and tablet sales shot up, as people scrambled to build home offices. Even after nearly two years in isolation, there’s still a lot that needs improving with our home setups. Smart home devices was occupy a huge portion of mindshare for the show.


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