IT Channel Pro Publication: Comgate Provides Partners with Future-Proof Data & M2M/IoT Solutions 

Companies increasingly want to keep track of how their networks and equipment function. And so IT service providers increasingly offer their customers a suitable IoT portfolio in addition to stable secure connections and monitoring. As the preferred partner of KPN IoT, Comgate can provide this for partners worldwide.

Efficiency and cost savings are at the top of the priority lists for many companies. IoT and Wireless WAN make it possible to perform remote management, where it was previously done manually and on location. According to Vanessa Claessen, Global Sales Director IoT at Comgate & Capestone, now is a good time to start using this technology. “Smart applications save a lot of time when reading data and results,” explains Vanessa. “One of our customers has a photo kiosk with chip and can resolve faults remotely with a reset. So without having to go to a mechanic. These kinds of services are very important.”

Vanessa Claessen of Comgate: 'IoT is a new branch of sport for the channel'

Falling prices for mobile connectivity make IoT services more accessible, thinks Vanessa. In addition, current solutions are more in line with market demands than ever before. “Think of track and trace solutions for equipment and materials or water pumps with a SIM card,” she says. “You want to minimize the number of times you need immediate physical access. IoT is a combination of continuity, mobility and scalability.” KPN IoT partner manager Rene Kramer agrees that many organizations are interested in new applications. “Being able to track and monitor assets is a valuable service in times of scarcity (such as a shortage of technical and logistics personnel). KPN IoT likes to work with Comgate and sister company Capestone because of a directly deployable hardware portfolio and extensive experience with IoT user cases,” says Rene.

Vanessa Rene_ IT channel pro

Opportunities for the channel

Since 2015, the Dutch company Comgate has been supplying various types of IoT SIM cards and data solutions, in collaboration with providers worldwide, including KPN IoT. “Our KPN IoT connectivity portfolio is very broad, from low to high data bundles in the Netherlands and Europe. Varying from 1 MB to several terabytes with local rates in the Netherlands and competitive rates in the EU. The IoT/M2M data bundles are specifically developed and approved for IoT applications in both the low data and high data segments. Examples of applications are payment terminals, alarm systems, m2m and internet solutions,” says Vanessa.

According to Vanessa, KPN's IoT offer offers partners an enormous amount of possibilities. “For example, we can offer our own VPN/APN on a redundant network of KPN IoT. In addition, all SIM cards can be managed via a portal. Adoption is extremely fast and there is a lot of innovation. Themes around security are now big in the market. That offers opportunities for the channel,” says Vanessa.

According to Vanessa, IoT is a new branch of sport for many ICT partners, because the technology is much more than a connection and data transport and cannot simply be captured in a data bundle per month. “Some solutions have months in which hardly any data is used, followed by a peak in data. Flexibility and scalability are therefore key. Comgate supports partners and helps them grow with different building blocks,” she explains. Comgate supplies SIM cards and subscriptions from various providers, so that the solution always meets the need. “In addition, together with Capestone, we offer complete 'all-in-one solutions' in a rental model. Partners receive a complete plug-and-play package, consisting of a SIM card with data bundle, 4G/5G router, necessary configuration, SLA and accessories such as a switch, external 4G/5G antenna or access points. Portals also give them access to the network for monitoring and managing SIM cards and routers.”

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