Comgate introduces Temporary Internet Premium package with redundant 4G/5G solution

For three years now, Comgate has been active in offering All-in-one Solutions, such as the Temporary Internet and 4G Backup package. With great success! More and more companies see the added value of total solutions. The Solutions have been specially developed to relieve companies of the burden of selecting, configuring, installing and using mobile internet solutions themselves. For example, the partner receives a solution that is fully preconfigured, including the required connectivity. An ideal solution for companies that do not want to spend time or money on this themselves, and can therefore keep their focus on important business processes.

Recently, Comgate has noticed that more and more partners are looking for a redundant 4G/5G solution with a fixed IP address. To answer this question, Comgate has developed a new Solution: Temporary Internet Premium. Today we would like to introduce you the new Solution from Comgate. The Premium Internet Package is a 4G/5G redundant package, consisting of a router, external antenna and 2 SIM cards, supplied with a fixed IP address. With the Premium package, Comgate offers the solution for primary internet at companies.

Temporary Internet Premium

The Premium Internet Package is a redundant solution. Redundant internet simply means that the existing internet connection is duplicated, so that when one of the two connections fails, the other takes over. The Premium package is primarily implemented with KPN IoT's Truly Unlimited subscription and as a backup there is a T-Mobile SIM card in the router. This allows us to increase uptime because we use different networks. If one of the networks fails, the router automatically switches to the other network. This way your company is not dependent on the reliability of one network.

The package consists of;

  • A-brand 4G/5G router
  • Truly Unlimited 4G/5G internet via the KPN IoT network with a fixed IP address
  • Back-up SIM card via the T-Mobile network with a public dynamic IP address
  • SLA office hours
  • External antenna for optimal reception
  • Managed service including router configuration


3d box

This premium solution is ideal as primary internet. It offers high speeds and bandwidths over the mobile networks, making it a good alternative to a fixed internet line. Traditionally, fixed lines are over copper, coax or glass. Because the router in the package is mobile, this internet connection can be connected anywhere in the Netherlands. Whether it concerns an office, an event location, the countryside where fixed internet is a challenge, or a connection on an inland vessel, no postcode is required to request the package, as long as there is coverage on KPN's mobile network and/or T-Mobile within the Netherlands.

Including Fixed IP address

Since the package comes with a fixed IP address, it can be configured for a firewall just like a traditional Internet connection, if one is present. Should the primary KPN IoT connection with a fixed IP address fail, the connection on the T-Mobile network will be continued by means of a public dynamic IP address.

Customization and white label options

Do you have specific wishes? No problem! We also offer customization. We offer a suitable solution for every application. We would be happy to get in touch with you about your wishes. Our sales department is happy to help you. You can contact us at or call 085 111 0839.

In addition, Comgate offers white label options for resellers. This allows you to offer your customers a ready-made internet solution with your own logo and house style. Please contact for more information.

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