A flawlessly working internet connection is crucial for any organization

As a business, you cannot afford any downtime from your internet connection. A flawlessly working internet connection is crucial for any organization. If there is a malfunction, it is not possible to pay by debit card, employees cannot access files or orders cannot be processed, that is extremely annoying. Such a failure can cost a company a lot of money. In the worst case, an internet outage lasts a few days. Very unhappy when the case is open again after a long period of lock-down. 

Fortunately, Comgate meets the need to always have a working internet connection. With the 4G Backup subscription, your customers also have a fast and stable internet connection via 4G in the event of a malfunction. As an independent IoT Service provider, Comgate has already advised several partners in this regard. 


4G LTE Backup solution

Always and everywhere internet wherever you are. More and more companies are opting for a 4G LTE solution, or wireless connectivity. As an expert in the field of hardware and connectivity, Comgate is happy to help you with an All-in One solution. We make the combination of hardware, accessories and connectivity. For each application, we have looked at the most suitable hardware and data bundle that meet your wishes and needs. The ideal thing about the 4G Backup package is that you pay this monthly in a subscription form. During the term you will benefit from our service and expertise.


4G Backup plan – How does it work?
The subscription includes a router with a failover function. With this function, the internet connection can be received via a fixed line (WAN port) as well as via 4G (SIM card). The router will automatically switch to another Internet connection if the main connection fails. For example to 4G if the fixed internet line goes down, or vice versa. As soon as the main connection is working again, the router switches back to it as quickly as possible, this is called fallback. The handy thing about the included 4G failover router is that you can insert two SIM cards, each from a different provider, for extra security. If one connection does not work, you can use the other 4G connection.


The benefits of the 4G Backup All-in One package

  • Affordable solution for Retail, Office and SMEs.
  • incl. 1GB data bundle EU based on Pay-As-You-Go.
  • No pre-investment required due to subscription.
  • 24/7 stable and fast internet possible via both fixed internet connection and 4G.
  • An extra LAN port to connect a switch, for example.
  • Up to 32 WiFi connections at the same time.
  • Possible integration of security cameras, printers, mobile ATMs, POS systems, etc.
  • Easy to manage yourself via the Cloud Management System.
  • Plug & Play, easy to use.
  • Including SLA Next Business Day as standard.
  • Possibility of installation on site
Capestone box 4G backup


Connectivity; data bundle 1 GB EU 

In the Backup package you have a data bundle of 1 GB per month. This gives you wireless access to the internet via 4G. If you use more than you use Pay as you go with a rounding off per GB*. The SIM cards are not completely network independent, but have more than 600 roaming partners worldwide, so always excellent reception. If you purchase multiple subscriptions from us, you can link the data bundle together (pooled data). Different users can use 1 data bundle in this way.


Price 4G Backup All-In One based on 24 months is €19,95 excl. VAT per month.
*Outside the bundle costs 5 euros per GB.


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