First class Connectivity for your devices via KPN network

As an independent IoT Service Provider, Comgate has been offering different types of IoT/data sims for companies at home and abroad since 2015. In this way, devices, machines and sensors are made smarter and connected to the internet. For our IoT/M2M and Mobile Broadband subscriptions, we work with various network providers, characterized by their high coverage and uptime. KPN IoT is an important partner for Comgate, because KPN has stood for the quality network for years. Customers can always count on privacy and security as their top priority. We recently celebrated our 1-year partnership in which we have jointly provided many customers/partners with connectivity. We are happy to inform you where KPN IoT makes the difference for you.

But there is more..

The additional functionalities include:
• Controllable process to automatically activate the device with its SIM card in the roll-out process, without requiring physical contact with the device;
• Make additional data available from the network, such as (real-time) status, location and IP address, but also additional information from the device;
• Online management platform in which data about the devices, SIM cards, rates are made visible and adjustable;
• Be able to use special SIM cards that may be necessary for proper functioning within the circumstances in which the device has to function;
• Providing the extensive API catalog with which management processes can be performed directly from external applications;
• Special configurations within the network, which ensure that data can be transported in a secure and customer-specific way;
• A wide range of links to your BackEnd system;
• Special configurations within the network to ensure that optimal use can be made of the available networks outside the Netherlands (non-steering roaming).

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