Get started with Comgate's new connectivity portfolio by taking advantage of the Prepaid IoT introductory promotion!

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the new Prepaid IoT SIM cards from Comgate. With this new proposition we offer you, among other things, sharper price plans, more diversity in bundles, the possibility to view your data credit, to top up data bundles and to set an auto refill. The Comgate Prepaid IoT SIM cards are ideal for business applications such as backup, IoT solutions in industry or during the realization of Proof of Concepts. In addition, a prepaid SIM card is the solution if you do not want to be tied to monthly subscription costs and do want to keep track of your data usage.

Free prepaid data SIM and data bundle
To get acquainted with our data options, we offer you as an introduction the Prepaid IoT SIM card with a special introductory promotion: When purchasing a Teltonika*, Huawei or TCL device, you will receive a free Comgate from Sept 1 to Oct 31, 2022 IoT Prepaid SIM card with 1GB data (for Europe or for the Netherlands)! You can read more about this action below. We also pay attention to the advantages of the Prepaid IoT SIM cards, which bundles are available and what you can do with the associated prepaid portal.

Managed Comgate Prepaid IoT SIM card

The managed Comgate Prepaid IoT SIM cards are available from 50 MB to no less than 25 TB and available for Europe and the Netherlands. Below we list the bundles for Europe and the Netherlands for you.

​​​​​​For fast mobile internet, you can use the KPN network (KPN IoT). For Europe this means that you have coverage via all KPN roaming partners in the EU. The SIM cards are delivered including a Prepaid management portal and have been specially developed for business applications in 4G/5G and CAT-M network equipment such as routers, MiFi's and dongles.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Different Prepaid IoT SIM card bundles possible from 50 MB to 25 TB
  • In the Netherlands: 5 GB to 25 TB
  • For Europe: 50 MB to 500 GB
  • All KPN roaming partners in the EU
  • Available in the Netherlands only variant or EU variant
  • View the shelf life of data credit
  • When topping up you take your data & day credit with you
  • Automatic refill possible



Business IoT applications. 
By using Comgate Prepaid IoT SIM cards with your IoT hardware, you can quickly and cheaply test whether the mobile internet solution works properly when realizing Proof of Concepts. After the POC, the SIM cards can be removed, upgraded or replaced by other IoT/data SIM solutions offered by Comgate.

Prepaid as the ideal solution
A pre-selected data bundle has a number of advantages. You can resell the prepaid SIM card, so that the end user decides whether he wants to top up or not. You do not have to be responsible for subscription costs.

For applications where the total data requirement on a monthly or annual basis is unpredictable, such as a backup solution, an IoT Prepaid SIM card offers the ideal solution.

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