Differentiate yourself in the market with 4G / 5G solutions

Managed 4G / 5G All-in One Solutions for every industry

Comgate offers a diversity of Managed 4G / 5G Solutions for various verticals including Enterprise, Maritime, IoT, Retail, Construction and Automotive. Management of the complete service is provided by Comgate and offered in an OPEX model, which makes investment in hardware unnecessary. With the sale of these complete solutions you can really distinguish yourself as a partner and benefit from extra margin on additional products and services. During the term you will benefit from our service, remote management portal (s) and expertise.

The 4G / 5G Internet Packages have been specially developed to relieve resellers and companies in selecting, configuring, installing and commissioning mobile internet solutions. Capestone's engineers ensure that the solution is complete and delivered fully preconfigured, including the necessary connectivity. Read why choose an All-In One solution here

White label & Customization options

The All-In One propositions can be purchased as a white label service. This means that as a Reseller you will receive an outer box in your own branding with logo, color palette and texts on it. You can also choose multiple branches and applications (including IoT, Retail, Maritime, Backup, Construction, Events, Temporary Internet and Failover) and work out together with us, whereby all hardware, connectivity, accessories, configuration and support by Comgate and hardware specialist Capestone is operated and financed and you purchase and resell the service including SLA as a monthly subscription. As a partner you benefit from 20% airtime.

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More information about all partner options; please contact marketing@comgate.io or call 085 111 0839 directly.

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