Sneak preview: Comgate IoT Platform

Today we give you a sneak preview about Comgate's new IoT Platform. This platform gives you insight into the data consumption of your SIM cards and invoices, among other things. In recent months, the Comgate team has been working hard in the background to realize the IoT Platform. As a partner, you can start using the portal in the first quarter. In this article more information about the functionalities. 

Comgate will launch the IoT platform in Q1 2022 with which you can invoice subscriptions and additional services from various suppliers. The unique platform uses a billing and rating engine, which provides insight into and processes data consumption of SIM cards from various operators. It also enables you to create price plans and data bundles yourself.


The platform will of course be accessible via API, so that you can connect your own systems or use the platform as a stand-alone platform. As a Partner you will receive your own login, where you can create and manage your own customers. 'Billing on behalf' will also become part of the IoT platform in the future. This allows you to send white label invoices to your customers with our available dataset. With the IoT Platform, Comgate offers you a unique solution for you and your customers.



The IoT Platform can be used for various applications;

Billing and Rating engine
  • Billing for additional services at the SIM level (such as Fixed IP) or at the account level such as APN/VPN, SLA
  • Breakdown of the bill into different components: sims, hardware, SLA, shipping charges, sim card charges, fixed ip, out-of-bundle charges.
  • Multiple MNOs in one environment.
  • Create your own prices and data bundles.
  • Quick Connect -> Connection portal, choose when, which sim becomes active or deactive​​​​​​.
  • Bring your own cdr.
  • Billing on Behalf – under development.
Selection options on pricing plans
  • Pooled & unpooled bundles.
  • Proportionate settlement (on/off).
  • Postpaid Pay as you go per MB/GB option​​​​.
Access to your sensor data
  • This application is still under development.

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