Five Key IoT Trends for 2021 - Forrester

The global market for IoT applications is on an upward trend. According to market researcher Forrester Research this trend will continue, during and after COVID. So much so that it has been labeled as a IoT technology driver. Forrester is convinced that it will serve as the basis for five technological trends that will take place this year. Comgate lists these;

It will allow thousands of network standards to flourish

IoT applications are not bound by one standard when it comes to connectivity. Companies can choose from a wide variety of wireless technologies to connect devices to the Internet. The research bureau speaks of 'chaos in the area of ​​network connections'. The advent of the mobile (data) communication standard 5G provides yet another alternative in that area. And we're not even talking about satellite communications, which Forrester says will gain in popularity in 2021 (a growth of 20 percent), especially as an alternative to IoT applications that need to send and receive data over longer distances.


Digitization in healthcare

The corona pandemic has a flywheel function when it comes to connected care solutions, an area in which IoT plays an indispensable function as a basic technology. This will only continue in 2021. This year, more use will be made of wearables and sensors that proactively monitor the health of users. Consumers will make more use of it, partly thanks to price decreases for such equipment.


Smart offices

The pandemic of 2020 will cause companies to slim down their available office space. Nevertheless, there is still a demand for offices. However, many employers will invest in IoT solutions to guarantee employees a safe, pleasant workplace. Investments in smart lighting, energy and climate management will increase. Sensors to monitor the use of rooms will also be popular.


Monitoring of business units

Working from home has shown that organizations can manage a large part of their affairs remotely. This does not only apply to knowledge workers with a laptop in the office or at the kitchen table. Thanks to IoT, complex systems, such as in a factory, can also be largely operated and managed remotely. This too will only increase in 2021, Forrester said.


Location based services

Finally, companies will invest in location services in 2021 to improve services. By introducing virtual queues, customers can draw a number in advance and arrive at their turn, for example at the doctor's office. This helps with social distancing. Consumers also expect increasingly better information about delivery times from delivery services. This type of technology is often sourced from external suppliers, who will therefore be busy in 2021.


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