Comgate Sim Only

Comgate Sim Only

As an independent Wireless Connectvity Carrier, we offer different types of IoT/data SIM cards for devices, machines and sensors to make them smarter and connect them to the internet. Comgate works with various suppliers to offer a complete range of IoT/M2M bundles to mobile broadband subscriptions on 4G, 5G and Cat-M. You can mix multiple subscription types. If you need help choosing the right connectivity for your project or business, make smart use of our “Choose your simtool.

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Which Sim do I need? Use the Choose Your Sim tool and receive an instant quote.

The SIM cards are completely network independent. Our eSIMs choose the best available network, so you are always assured of the best quality.

Free IoT Starter Kit

We are confident that you will quickly understand the value of our expertise in 4G/5G hardware as well as connectivity. To support you with your IoT projects, we offer you a free IoT Starter package. Together we look at your objective and use case. This way we can advise you prior to the project and also help with the implementation. This package gives you 1 GB data connectivity . You simply activate the SIM card via our portal and you can then get started.

Request today and receive;

  • Prepaid SIM card
  • Project support in the field of 4G/5G hardware as connectivity by our engineers
  • Free 1GB data – 3 months after activation
  • 15% discount on on the purchase of a 4G/5G router
  • Comgate charger


Comgate IoT starter kit

Sepay opts for Comgate's network-independent eSIM

In order to be able to access the data from (mobile) ATMs, SEPAY was looking for a data plan that provides high coverage and uptime. SEPAY's needs are fulled in with a scalable data plan, both in the number of connections as in the data bundle. SEPAY has chosen Comgate's eSIM.
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No matter how big your company is, our specialization in 4G hardware and connectivity means that we can seamlessly meet any data requirement with associated network advice, at a competitive price!