What is an eSIM?

To unlock data, your devices need a data plan that provides high coverage and uptime. The eSIM is a very small SIM card that is built into devices. The SIM card allows the best possible connectivity at a specific location. An extensive memory on the chip ensures that you can switch profiles over-the-air.

Future solution

With the eSIM, you have a future-proof connectivity solution in your hands. eSIM is short for 'embedded sim', and it was created to replace the regular plastic SIM card. The eSIM is available in different formats, namely: the embedded version, but also as a regular 3-in-1 plastic sim form (printable nano, micro and normal).

An extensive memory on the chip ensures that you can switch profiles over-the-air. This means that you never have to replace a SIM card again, but can look for another profile that you can put on over-the-air

In addition to 2G / 3G / 4G, the sim can also communicate via other network protocols and CAT-M1. In our IoT portal, the SIM cards are easy to manage and the most common functions can be linked to your own systems via API. Alerting with a soft cap and a hard cap are possible at SIM card level. Do you want the sims to only communicate with specific IP ranges? With IP whitelisting you have ample options for assigning IP addresses to the APN.

Benefits of the eSIM for IoT

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Devices are future-proof connected
  • 1 SIM for the entire life of your equipment
  • Streamlines logistics management
  • Improves the speed of 'bringing to market'
  • Increases scalability and security
  • Also available as Managed Mobile Broadband (high data volume)


esim phone

Comgate eSIM and the possibilities

With Comgate's eSIM and associated technology, you get a high-quality data connection. With our commercial flexibility, we are happy to enter into a long-term relationship where you have full control over which operator you want to connect through. By default you will receive a bootstrap profile on the eSIM with excellent worldwide coverage. Would you like to exchange this profile for another profile available in the market. Let us know. We have a Core network, which means that data session handling is not done by local operators, but is directly available in our IoT Portal.

The Comgate eSIM is designed to meet specific IoT connectivity needs. Sometimes a simple WiFi point or failover solution for the fixed internet connection is sufficient. Other times, different protections are required, requiring a VPN and APN with certain specifications.

Easy management of your connectivity

Simplify operations and accelerate deployment with a single view of your entire IoT world.

To get the coverage you need, you often have to manage multiple providers and contracts - and that can complicate matters. This can be simpler. Comgate offers one platform with all the tools you need to manage your IoT data plans in one place. From comprehensive features to connectivity management, rate plan information, usage monitoring and cost control, our advanced management platform covers it all.



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