On this page you will find Questions & Answers for the topics: Delivery time and shipping, SIM card settings and SIM card general. Is your question not in the FAQ? Please contact suport@comgate.io or call 085 111 0839.

Delivery time and shipping

What is the delivery time of my order and where can I find the status of the order?

It usually takes two working days for your package to be delivered to you by PostNL. You will receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail as soon as your package has been sent to us. Here you will also find the Track & Trace data, so that you can view the status of the delivery.

I have received a Track and Trace code via PostNL. What can I do as a customer in the event of a delayed delivery or unclear status that is displayed at PostNL?

The sending party contacts the delivery service. This is us. Please let us know if your T&T code indicates anything other than an expected delivery date.

How do I request an urgent order?

On working days you can request an urgent order until 14:00. This will then be processed urgently, so that you can pick up the order between 16:00 and 17:00 on the same working day at our office in Leiden. If desired, you can have a courier collect the package. Please contact us for a collection reference. The costs for an urgent order are € 50.

Are there costs associated with sending SIM cards?

Yes, Comgate charges shipping. These costs vary by location;

Domestic package: € 6,95

Package abroad:
Zone EUR1: €13,00 (Belgium, Denmark (excl. Faroe Islands and Greenland), Germany, France, (incl. Corsica and Monaco), Italy (excl. San Marino and Vatican City), Luxembourg, Austria, Spain (incl. Balearic Islands, excl. Canary Islands), Sweden)

Zone EUR2: €18,50 all other countries in Europe (excl. Russia).

ROW: (Rest of the World): €29,30/custom. all other countries (including Russia).

SIM card in general

What exactly is meant by '4G unlimited'?

With this subscription you have no limit in data usage or bandwidth. Nevertheless, we apply a 'don't push it' policy, which means that the connection must not lead to network overload. You can imagine that a connection at night in a rural area has a different load on the network than during peak hours in a city center.

What are the differences between Unmanaged SIM cards versus Managed SIM cards?

We supply data bundles from different suppliers with different properties. Managed SIM cards can be managed in a portal, where you can view the data usage in almost real time and set alerts and limits on the SIM cards. Unmanaged sims do not come with a portal, nor do they offer interim insight into data usage. The usage data of these unmanaged SIM cards only become available at the end of each calendar month.

Are Voice and SMS possible on an IoT SIM card?

Comgate is an IoT Service Provider that primarily offers data bundles. On top of this, there are options for Voice and SMS. Ask for the possibilities.

What options are there with regard to fixed IP addresses? Do you also offer VPN and APN options?

As a network independent party, we supply SIM cards from various operators. Please contact our sales department to discuss the possibilities and wishes.

What is an eSIM card?

Comgate supplies the eSIM from KORE wireless. This SIM card is especially for IoT solutions and is available in various sizes. This means that we offer it as a knockout plastic 3-1 sim (2FF / 3FF / 4FF) and as a solderable chipsim (MFF2). The extensive memory on the eSIM offers, among other things, the possibility to switch providers over-the-air. Would you like to know more about the eSIM? Then click here or check out our use case in which the story of FactoryZero will be featured!

sim and esim

SIM card settings

What is the APN of my SIM cards and where do I enter it?

When your order is delivered, you will receive a leaflet in the package containing all relevant information about the networks and settings. You can download the leaflet here too download.

I cannot connect | SIM card problem

  • the APN is entered correctly, without spaces and capital letters.
  • Is there enough signal at the location? Down to -80dBm should be sufficient for a normal data session. Not sure? Then use the 4g coverage maps of the different operators. Also inquire about our antennas to be sure of an optimal signal.
  • Is the device suitable for roaming SIM cards and is 'roaming' enabled in the device?
  • Is there a malfunction on the network? View our disruptions page.


I cannot connect | hardware problem

Our All-in-one solutions are plugged in and preconfigured so they should do it right out of the box. If the connection does not go as expected, please go through the following help steps.

  • Are all plugs, antennas and cables properly connected?
  • Has the router firmware been updated to the latest version?
  • Use the factory reset for troubleshooting. With most models, press the reset button for 5 seconds.


Is your solution not listed here? Please contact: support@comgate.io or call +31 011 108 39.

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