IoT in Construction

The Internet of Things and other advanced technologies ensure that processes in the construction sector can be organized more efficiently and yield higher profit margins. Many construction companies are engaged in digitization, both for their company and for processes. The application of IoT can be seen in smart buildings and construction sites. And what about smart roads that transmit a great deal of information. Progressive projects that we will encounter more and more in this sector.

Examples of IoT in Construction

Safety on the construction site

Unfortunately, many accidents still happen on the construction site. The Internet of Things offers employees more options to protect themselves. Sensors in work clothes, helmets and protective goggles continuously measure the environment and situations. If a dangerous situation arises, you can be warned beforehand. Sensors can also measure hazardous substances (such as particulate matter) or the noise level. And by means of smart fixtures, energy can be saved on the construction site.

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Smart building and material management

With prefab (prefabrication), ready-made building components, a construction project can be completed even faster and more efficiently. Prefab parts can be fitted with sensors. These sensors measure where the prefabrication is, what is done with it and what it is intended for. This ensures that the right parts are always in the right place on the construction site. This greatly benefits construction efficiency. Material is traceable and the status of a construction project transparent.

Predictive maintenance in construction

IoT will play an increasingly important role in maintenance. Critical machines and / or materials can be equipped with sensors to measure when replacement or maintenance is required. This way, timely action can be taken. The chance of delays, which entails a lot of costs, is thus smaller. Tools fitted with a sensor can be easily traced.

IOT makes buildings smart

IoT solutions in smart buildings can follow the movements of visitors by means of sensors. This monitoring of movement provides insights into the way and the extent to which spaces are used. Smart solutions can, for example, combine this data with data about the weather, so that ventilation can be optimized. Because we spend 90% indoors, good air quality is of fundamental importance. Smart sensors can indicate which filters need to be replaced. IoT can also play a role in security. By equipping the building with sensors, movements after closing hours can be analyzed and possibly automatically reported to security.

excavator smart with iot

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The examples are endless for IoT in Construction. Smart buildings are especially hot! The realization of such a building is also becoming smarter by applying smarter methods in which IoT and technology play a central role. Inspired by these IoT examples for the construction industry? We are happy to help you find the right connectivity. IoT gives you the opportunity to optimize the quality, sustainability and efficiency of your activities. For more information, please contact our IoT specialists via;