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Would you like to be able to manage all your SIM cards at a glance, sorted by operator and type of bundle? Then connectivity partner Comgate offers you the innovative IoT portal. This tool combines available information from the various sim management portals. This gives you access with one login.

Orders, activation and deactivation requests

The Comgate IoT Portal offers you the possibility to place a SIM card order directly and you can submit activation and deactivation requests. You can also see the status of the SIM card, the subscription, how much data it has used and, if applicable, which fixed IP address is linked to it.

Insight into consumption

Would you like to consult an invoice or make a printout of the usage of your SIMs? With a few clicks you have downloaded it in no time. With this portal, we still offer you an opportunity to view your so-called 'unmanaged' SIM cards.

SIM cards iot portal

Possibilities in the IoT Portal

As mentioned earlier, there are various possibilities within the IoT Portal. A large part of these are immediately available, but a number of tools will also be available soon or as customization. Below you can read which tools are now, soon and customized available in the IoT Portal.

Immediately available in the IoT Portal:

  • Consumption overview per SIM
  • Usage insight per type of bundle
  • Handy search function
  • Multiple MNOs in one environment.
  • View invoices
  • Place orders
  • Submit activation/deactivation requests
  • Fixed ip request / inspection
  • Extensive export functionality

Available soon:

  • Create your own customers
  • Create your own prices and data bundles
  • Selection options on pricing plans
  • Pooled & unpooled bundles.
  • Proportionate settlement (on/off).
  • Postpaid (on/off)


Custom Available:

  • Billing on Behalf – We take care of your billing
  • Bring your own cdr – integration of your third-party CDRs into the IoT Portal
  • Billing of your additional services at sim level (such as fixed-ip) or at account level such as APN/VPN, SLA
  • Integration into your accounting system: Breakdown of the invoice into different cost centers/ledger numbers into different components: sims, hardware, SLA, shipping costs, sim card costs, fixed ip, out-of-bundle costs.

Enterprise Service Package

To use this innovative tool from Comgate, you purchase the Enterprise Service package. A total package with additional services that enables you to provide your customers with even better service in the field of Marketing, Support and Sales. For example, you will receive 4G/5G hardware advice, POC support and support on sim management portals per provider. We are also happy to draw attention to your innovative solution in the field of Marketing by means of a use case!

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