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As an independent Wireless Connectivity Service Provider, Comgate offers different types of IoT data SIM cards for devices, machines and sensors to make them smarter and connect them to the internet. These SIM cards are different from the traditional SIM cards used in smartphones and other mobile devices. In this article, we discuss the main features and benefits of IoT SIM cards.

Advantages of IoT SIM cards

An important advantage of IoT SIM cards is that they are specially designed for IoT devices. As a result, they are better adapted to the needs of these devices. For example, they are designed to have low power consumption, so they can run on a battery for extended periods of time.

Another advantage of the SIM cards is that they use the latest connectivity technologies, such as 4G and 5G. As a result, they have better coverage and higher data rates than older technologies.

Finally, IoT SIM cards often offer advanced security features that reduce the risk of hacking or data theft. These security features are important for IoT devices because they often send and receive sensitive information.

Why are IoT SIM cards different from traditional SIM cards?

Internet of Things SIM cards and traditional SIMs perform the same primary function, which is to connect devices to the internet. But that's where the similarities between the two end. IoT SIM cards should not only connect devices to the internet, but they should also be able to be managed remotely. That's because they are usually activated in bulk, while regular SIM cards are activated one at a time by an individual consumer.

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Manage your IoT data subscriptions via a sim management system

Comgate offers you the possibility to manage your IoT SIM cards through various connectivity management platforms. With our own Comgate IoT Portal, Cisco Jasper van KPN IoT and IoT eConnect from KORE Wireless you have access to an integrated IoT solution that provides instant global access to your IoT subscriptions. Think of; set your own rules for the use of the SIM card, set warnings for the use of data bundles, set IMEI blocks and perform technical analyzes of connections.

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HB Water Technology chooses Comgate IoT solution

There is an increasing focus on green in urban areas and buildings. HB Water Technology is the specialist that designs, supplies, realizes and manages technical irrigation systems. For a carefree irrigation system, sensors are used that measure soil moisture, temperature and water pressure and which can be monitored and managed via an online dashboard. To be able to access the data, HB Water Technology has opted for Capestone hardware and Comgate's connectivity with an eSIM.
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