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Port logistics

IoT in the Logistics sector

Logistics and transportation are one of the most important sectors that adopt IoT on a large scale. Companies use IoT to improve logistics processes, both in warehouses and beyond. The global IoT in the logistics market is expected to exceed $2030 billion by 100, strengthening the role of Internet of Things and big data technologies for location management, inventory and fleet management.

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smart parking

IoT in Smart Cities

More and more cities worldwide are looking for smart and technological solutions to offer their inhabitants a more efficient and better quality lifestyle. IoT is expected to play an increasingly important role in large cities. Especially since the United Nations predicts that 2030% of the world's population will live in a city by 60. To ensure the quality of life in a city, many cities will turn to technology and advanced networks to help them manage limited resources.

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Predictive Maintenance

IoT in the Industry sector

Industry 4.0 is a buzzword that we hear regularly. This is about making companies smarter and more automated. While the third Industrial Revolution focused on switching from mechanical and analog processes to digital ones, Industry 4.0 focuses on deepening the impact of digital technologies by making machines more self-sufficient and allowing them to “talk” to each other. In this way, machines receive enormous amounts of data to analyze and base choices on. 

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IoT in Transport sector

The Internet of Things (IoT) is restructuring several sectors, including the automotive industry. We have to admit that connected devices are changing our lifestyle. IoT connectivity, smart sensors and gadgets, edge computing, mobile apps and cloud services will revolutionize the way you interact with and use your cars.

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IoT in Smart Buildings

The concept of a smart building is based on using interconnected technologies to make buildings more responsive, sustainable and productive for their users. An average building is being erected for the next few decades, but nobody knows exactly what the world will look like in 20 years. A building that is future-proof is a building that adapts to its use.

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IoT in the Maritime sector

Sea shipping is the most common mode of transport used by importers and exporters. About 75% of all transport shipments in Europe are transported by sea or ocean. With the help of the Internet of Things, opportunities are created to digitize and optimize this mode of transport.

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IoT in retail

Like many other industries, the retail sector is embracing the transformation to the Internet of Things. The acceleration is partly caused by the COVID pandemic. This has led many retailers to rethink their digital strategy strategy and speed of implementation. In addition to optimizing the transport process, IoT helps to reduce costs, stimulate growth and improve the customer experience.

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IoT in Construction

The Internet of Things and other advanced technologies ensure that processes in the construction sector can be organized more efficiently and yield higher profit margins. Many construction companies are engaged in digitization, both for their company and for processes. The application of IoT can be seen in smart buildings and construction sites. And what about smart roads that transmit a great deal of information. Progressive projects that we will encounter more and more in this sector.

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