IoT in the Logistics sector

Logistics and transportation are one of the most important sectors that adopt IoT on a large scale. Companies use IoT to improve logistics processes, both in warehouses and beyond. The global IoT in the logistics market is expected to exceed $2030 billion by 100, strengthening the role of Internet of Things and big data technologies for location management, inventory and fleet management. Logistics management consists of monitoring multiple activities at the same time, such as: supply chain, warehousing, transport, etc. Within these activities there are dozens of aspects that can influence or even slow down the process. To streamline these processes and increase customer satisfaction, more and more companies are embracing innovation by using the Internet of Things to optimize logistics processes.

In this article we explain how IoT works in the logistics sector and how connectivity provided by IoT Service Provider Comgate contributes to this. We also show how managers can improve staff efficiency and safety and reduce operational costs. Read on or get in touch with us on how we can help you with the implementation of your IoT issues.

Enhanced Security and Theft Detection

Connected applications increase control over who enters the warehouse at what time. This helps with article tracking and alerting a business manager if something is missing. Examples of IoT-powered security applications include connected security cameras, apps that allow warehouse managers to block facility doors remotely, IoT logistics tracking applications that help monitor deliveries, and more.


Higher employee safety

Unreliable machines and poorly planned maintenance can put employees at risk. The effects of IoT on logistics include protecting workers by detecting equipment problems long before they are noticeable. By monitoring equipment health in real time and predicting wear and possible damage, connected systems help reduce risks associated with worker safety.

Tracking and monitoring wearables with IoT sensors significantly increases response time when something happens to an employee. A wearable immediately detects a critical change in vital signs and forwards the data to a special platform that alerts the manager and even calls an ambulance.


Providing business managers with advanced analytics

Thanks to IoT, a lot of data about business processes, inventories and other conditions becomes available for business leaders to perform analysis. Examples of this are:

  • The number of items in the warehouse via real-time asset tracking;
  • Warehouse conditions, including temperature, humidity, light, etc.;
  • Environmental conditions during deliveries;
  • Employee and fleet performance.

Real-time data on delivery and inventory monitoring improve the quality of planning and budget allocation. This helps managers to always stay on top of what is happening at every stage of the logistics process, detect inefficiencies and reduce waste.

IoT connectivity for the logistics sector

Inspired by these IoT examples for the logistics sector? We are happy to think along with you in finding the right connectivity, hardware and sensors! IoT gives you the opportunity to optimize the quality, sustainability and efficiency of your activities.

SIM card based on your preferences

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