All hardware is fully configured according to your wishes, so that you can start using or install the solution immediately upon receipt. Configuration is discussed, tested and implemented together with our certified engineers. You benefit from the following configuration options which are included as standard in the package;


  • Set APN in the router.
  • Inserting the SIM card
  • Setting up one or more SSIDs and WiFi networks
  • Setting security policy
  • LAN / WAN settings
  • Setting the data cap in the router
  • Set data cap in the sim management portal
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Complete custom configuration with Partner and / or end customer.
  • introductory meeting with partner and end customer.
  • remote and on-premise pre-sales support by a Comgate networking engineer or partner manager
  • remote project management from certified engineers
  • Adding and / or removing accessories or parts. Think of antennas, power supply, cables or other hardware.
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If you want to expand your All-In One package in the future, we are happy to help. We make clear in advance what the costs are. You have 1 contract and configurations are standardized across the entire infrastructure. Because you pay on the basis of a monthly subscription, you write out the costs over the term of the contract. This allows you to invest the money that you would otherwise spend on hardware and software in activities where it pays off better.

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No matter how big your company is, our specialization in 4G hardware and connectivity means that we can seamlessly meet any data requirement with associated network advice, at a competitive price!