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Embedded World 2023: Trends & Developments

Last week colleagues Juriaan Buikema and Antonio Sanches attended the Emebedded World conference in Nürnberg. This fair focuses on topics such as: hardware, systems, distribution, services, embedded vision and tools. In this article we discuss innovative developments and trends that stood out during the Embedded World. The following topics are covered; the iSIM, RSP platforms and One SIM.

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Comgate introduces the IoT Portal 

In recent months, the Comgate Team has been busy behind the scenes with an innovative project. And today it's finally time, we can introduce you to our new Comgate platform. We are proud to introduce the Comgate IoT Portal.

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iot security

IoT trends of 2023

The internet of things (IoT) is a term used for the ever-expanding networks of physical objects that are online, connected and capable of communicating and sharing information with us and each other.

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Temporary internet

Comgate introduces Temporary Internet Premium package with redundant 4G/5G solution

Recently, Comgate has noticed that more and more partners are looking for a redundant 4G/5G solution with a fixed IP address. To answer this question, Comgate has developed a new Solution: Temporary Internet Premium. The Premium Internet Package is a 4G/5G redundant package, consisting of a router, external antenna and 2 SIM cards, supplied with a fixed IP address. With the Premium package, Comgate offers the solution for primary internet at companies.

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fail over

A flawlessly working internet connection is crucial for any organization

As a business, you cannot afford any downtime from your internet connection. A flawlessly working internet connection is crucial for any organization. If there is a malfunction, it is not possible to pin, employees cannot access files or orders cannot be processed, that is extremely annoying. Such a failure can therefore cost a company a lot of money. In the worst case, such an outage can last for days.  

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Vanessa Claessen, Rene Kramer Comgate & KPN IoT

IT Channel Pro Publication: Comgate Provides Partners with Future-Proof Data & M2M/IoT Solutions 

Companies increasingly want to keep track of how their networks and equipment function. And so IT service providers increasingly offer their customers a suitable IoT portfolio in addition to stable secure connections and monitoring. As the preferred partner of KPN IoT, Comgate can provide this for partners worldwide.

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