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4G/5G Mobile Internet for SMEs

Do you want mobile internet at the office? We have made the optimal combination of hardware, accessories and connectivity and bundled it into a management total solution especially for SMEs. 4G/5G Mobile internet is increasingly used in SMEs for primary internet. Fixed Wireless Access is used instead of an ADSL, VDSL or fiber optic connection. This is partly due to the high degree of flexibility, the simple setup and high throughput speed of data on 4G/5G. You can easily make an internet and WiFi connection at any location where there is 4G or 5G coverage. This makes rural areas and remote locations accessible and accessible. You can use the package for a home workplace, pop-up store, construction site or office environment.

Stable and fast connectivity solution

With the 4G/5G Mobile Internet Package for SMEs, Comgate offers a unique solution for companies in the Netherlands. The router in this solution runs on T-Mobile's 5G network, but is of course also backwards compatible on 4G. The mobile internet solution provides a high-speed connection that has more bandwidth than a standard fixed line. In addition, the TCL is equipped with high-quality WiFi, which means that it supports up to 1000 simultaneous WiFi connections. Perfect for the home, small business, online events and more.

The 4G/5G Mobile Internet Package for SMEs includes the Comgate 4G/5G Echt Unlimited NL data bundle. This means you have no daily limit, a generous fair use policy (FUP) of 1.000 GB per month and you have 5G at your disposal, so that your organization will be provided with the best possible mobile connection in the coming years.

Service description of 4G/5G Mobile Internet Package for SMEs

The benefits of: 4G/5G Mobile Internet for SMEs

  • Stable and fast internet connection on the T-Mobile network 24/7.
  • Primary plug & play internet solution with high quality WiFi for SMEs.
  • Primary solution in locations where the fixed internet connection offers insufficient bandwidth.
  • Ideal for companies in rural areas, companies with flexible locations
  • Perfect for a dedicated internet connection for working from home.
  • Secondary solution where the 4G / 5G connection serves as a backup of the fiber optic connection.
  • Including connectivity.
  • Includes configuration and shipping.
  • Expandable with Access points for extra WiFi points.
Price from €70 per month (Excl. VAT).

In the 4G/5G SME package:

Comgate offers a complete solution for primary internet. This total solution contains a set of products and services to provide primary mobile internet. Included in the package:

  • TCL Link Hub 5G Router.
  • Comgate Unlimited data on the T-Mobile network via 4G/5G in the Netherlands.
  • Warranty and support on all parts for as long as the subscription runs.
  • Plug & Play installation.



You have the option to expand the hardware of the 4G/5G Mobile Internet package for SMEs with devices such as an access points or switch. Ask our sales department for the possibilities.

SME package meeting
SME package comgate

Put together the package that suits your needs

Put together the package that suits your needs

Total solution in subscription form

Comgate offers you a 4G/5G Mobile Internet package for SMEs that you pay monthly in a subscription form. During the subscription, partners and customers benefit from our service and years of experience and expertise. We offer subscriptions of different durations:

- 12 months;
- 24 months;
– 36 months.

Custom work

Do you have other specific wishes? No problem! We also offer customization. We offer a suitable solution for every application. We would like to get in touch with you about your wishes. Our sales department will be happy to assist you. You can contact us via or call 085 111 0839.

4G 5G internet for SME Comgate

Delivery or installation

The package can be delivered in the Netherlands:

  • Shipping + configuration at € 50,-
  • Delivery + installation by technician at € 65 per hour + call-out costs of € 100
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Payment and cancellation

Payment and cancellation

Your subscription will automatically continue after the chosen term. If you wish to cancel, you must do so in writing, no later than 4 working days before the end of the calendar month.

The termination date of a 4G/5G Mobile Internet package for SMEs is always the last day of a calendar month. On the invoice that you will receive afterwards, you will find the (proportionate) subscription costs per calendar month and your advance payment.

At the end of the rental period, you can return the 4G/5G Mobile Internet Package for SMEs to:

Attn RMA department
Haagse Schouwweg 6
2332 KG Leiden The Netherlands

If any parts of the package are damaged, you will receive an overview of the costs from us.

Please return the package on time: no later than 2 weeks after the end of the agreed rental period.

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No matter how big your company is, our specialization in 4G hardware and connectivity means that we can seamlessly meet any data requirement with associated network advice, at a competitive price!