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To create mobile internet solutions that are offered worldwide, Comgate works closely with sister company Capestone, specialized 4G and 5G Wireless WAN & IoT distributor. For the implementation of the hardware, the high-end Wireless WAN solutions from Cradlepoint are often chosen. A collaboration that has existed since 2014.

The Cradlepoint 4G/5G routers are supplied as standard in a package that consists of the combination of Router + NetCloud + Lifetime Warranty + 24/7 Support. Comgate provides the connectivity and full support so that the routers can be monitored and managed at any desired location via a central dashboard. The business end customer can log in remotely to the devices. Remote management of the routers and the ability to ensure a highly secure mobile internet connection is guaranteed by a unique cloud-managed management and application platform: NetCloud offered by Cradlepoint. Integrating Netcloud with the routers provides the opportunity to improve productivity, increase reliability and reduce costs.

More information about the Cradlepoint offer via Capestone can be found here .


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