Managed Mobile Broadband on eSIM technology.

From now on, a Mobile Broadband subscription can be taken out for eSIM technology so that higher data volumes are possible at a competitive price. An extensive memory on the chip ensures that people can change profiles over-the-air. This future-proof eSIM uses 2 networks per country in all countries of the EU and the Netherlands. With this expansion of its portfolio, Comgate is responding to an increasing demand for eSIMS technology. Comgate partners can purchase this eSIM proposition both wholesale and in bundles.

Advantages of the Mobile Broadband on eSIM technology

Comgate works together with various suppliers and offers a specialized range of IoT / M2M data bundles and mobile broadband subscriptions. With a specialization in IoT data SIM solutions on eSIM technology and years of experience. This type of SIM card is placed in devices that function in an M2M or IoT network, optionally with an accompanying SIM management portal. Where Comgate previously focused on lower data bundles, high data volumes are now also available on eSIM technology. The big advantage of the eSIM is that one never has to replace a SIM card, but can look for another profile that can be changed over-the-air. In addition to 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G, the sim can also communicate via other network protocols and CAT-M1. In an IoT portal, the SIM cards are easy to manage and the most common functions can be linked via API to the customer's own systems. Alerting with a soft cap and a hard cap are possible at SIM card level. Finally, the eSIM is available as a 3-in-one sim and as an embedded variant.

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High data volume on eSIM creates new applications

“Coverage and uptime are crucial, especially in IoT projects. For this reason, the eSIM fits so well because it uses the best possible connectivity in a given location. We therefore see a strongly increasing demand for this type of connectivity. Connectivity for pin terminals, electric bicycles and solar panels are a good example. Now that it is also possible to purchase high data volume on the eSIM technology, this now offers many possibilities for applications such as camera surveillance and for primary internet as a replacement for the fixed internet connection. The combination of EU coverage, scalability of the subscriptions and being able to fully manage via an IoT portal are now also accessible here. Managing multiple SIM cards and the associated logistics processes can be frustrating and costly. This is now completely relieved. An interface for all providers accelerates the go to market of an IoT project enormously ”, says Vanessa Claessens Sales Director Comgate.


The full technical support that Comgate offers enables partners to respond to new IoT opportunities without major financial risks. In view of a huge market growth; the prediction that 230 million units will run on esim technology by 2031 offers Comgate a future-proof solution to partners. With the expansion of this international proposition, Comgate has a competitive offer on a national and international level.


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