LTE-M protocol for energy-efficient and cost-efficient IoT projects

As an IoT service provider, Comgate is network independent and offers SIM cards from various suppliers. In addition to 2G/3G/4G/5G, you would almost forget that a number of protocols have been developed in recent years that have been specially developed for sensors and other devices that must be cost-efficient and energy-efficient.

LTE-M is such a protocol. Unlike LoRa, for example, LTE-M is part of the 4G architecture, with all the associated benefits. LTE-M, or more technically called LTE-CAT M1, has a range of features and benefits that we would like to highlight once again. In addition, in this article, together with sister company and 4G/5G Wireless WAN distributor, we highlight, Capestone devices that are compatible with the LTE-M protocol. You can think of: industrial IoT gateways, trackers and routers.

Advantages and features of LTE-M:

  • LTE-M piggybacks on existing 4G roaming agreements and is therefore available on most networks in the EU.
  • It is an ideal replacement for 2G. The coverage of LTE-M is stronger than that of 2G. 'Old' 2G dependent devices can be replaced by LTE-M devices.
  • Devices that use LTE-M are energy efficient, making LTE-M a good choice for sensors or other devices that use a battery. LTE-M devices work on a battery for up to about 5 years.
  • The LTE-M protocol is an alternative to NB-IOT. LTE-M is based on IP addresses for information transfer (just like regular data connections) and therefore works differently from, for example, LoRa or NB-IoT, which are message-based protocols.
  • Compared to other low power networks, LTE-M has a relatively high bandwidth available, which allows, among other things, to set up a voice connection.
  • The LTE-M modem and chipset are much cheaper than 4G/5G modules. This makes LTE-M sensors or LTE-M devices cheaper to purchase.


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Suitable devices for LTE-M

In partnership with Capestone, we have a range of turnkey devices that work directly on LTE-M. Think of trackers, industrial IoT gateways and routers. Sometimes devices combine multiple protocols, such as NB-IoT with LTE-M, and then also have 2G available as failover. Below is a list of our runners.

Teltonika FMM0001

This tracker supports both LTE M1 and NB IoT connectivity. This device is a perfect tracker for a wide range of applications: fleet management of light commercial vehicles, car rental and leasing, driver logbook, insurance telematics (UBI) etc.

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Sierra Wireless AirLink LX60

The LX60 is ideally suited for M2M and IoT applications with LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity. The IoT data that the LX60 sends can be read and processed in the cloud management platform of Sierra Wireless.

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Sierra Wireless AirLink LX40

This Sierra Wireless AirLink LX40 variant is a compact LTE-M router and NB-IoT router, specially designed for M2M applications. It can be used worldwide and provides secure and easily manageable LTE networks for IoT projects and business applications. This makes it an ideal IoT/M2M router for:

  • Security
  • IP cameras
  • Mobile payment terminals
  • digital signage

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Teltonika TRB142 

The Teltonika TRB142 is a small, robust industrial LTE & IoT gateway including a robust metal housing. The Teltonika TRB devices are mainly used in industrial environments at factories and ports or are built in as a primary internet connection in fire protection systems or smart city applications.

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Teltonika TRB145

The Teltonika TRB145 has both digital inputs/outputs and a micro USB port. The compact design of the TRB145 makes this gateway perfect for an application where a single device needs a reliable internet connection. The TRB145 is used for inspection of oil pipelines, smart energy solutions and fire protection devices.

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Teltonika TRB255

The Teltonika TRB255 is a compact and powerful industrial LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT gateway for professional applications. It delivers high performance for mission-critical mobile communications. The TRB255 is robust thanks to the new aluminum housing and can be mounted with a Teltonika TRB Din Rail.

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More information about LTE-M?

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