New service: Service Level Agreement now available at Comgate

Comgate has been a distributor of connectivity solutions for many years. Due to our combined specialization in 4G / 5G hardware (sister company Capestone) and connectivity, we can seamlessly meet any data need, wherever you are. Both companies have grown through years of experience into an expert in the field of mobile internet in Europe. Short lines of communication, fast switching and technical specialist advice from our engineers are key!

As an extension of our service, Comgate now offers additional Service Level Agreements for all mobile internet packages: Temporary Internet, Failover and the All-In one packages. The different levels describe the additional quality of service between Comgate and you as a partner. This way you can be sure that you always receive the best service at any time. Comgate uses three levels of Service Level Agreement for this service:

For both SLA N and SLA O, the hours within office hours apply. Only SLA A (Always Online) is calculated based on clock hours. By default, you purchase the SLA: Office Hours with a Solution package such as Temporary Internet and Failover or All-In one package. For a small additional cost, you can upgrade the SLA to Next Business Day or Always Online.


Read more about Comgate's Service Level Agreement >> PDF: Service description.

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