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Comgate is experiencing enormous growth. More and more companies at home and abroad are looking for an independent IoT Service Provider who can advise them in meeting their data needs, possibly in combination with 4G / 5G hardware. To be able to answer this growing demand, it is important to have the right people in the right place. Because: the secret to a successful company is partly due to the Team that works every day for partners and customers!

To give you a glimpse into the Comgate "kitchen", we would like to introduce a number of employees; Juriaan Buikema, Vanessa Claessen, Steijn Bol, Remy Heiligers and Vera Siebesma. They represent Service, Sales, Marketing and IoT Support. We are happy to provide insight into their contribution, motivation and pride!

Vanessa Claessen - Sales

My name is Vanessa Claessen, 41 years old, Sales Director IoT within Comgate and Capestone. Here I am responsible for the Sales team and the Sales objectives. In addition, I focus on partners in the Enterprise segment. When channel partners are looking for a reliable connectivity solution or a total solution for their IoT issue, they can contact me. We advise and support the partner with the right solution on a commercial and technical level. Whether this only concerns connectivity or a total solution consisting of: hardware, connectivity and accessories.

The market is growing and very diverse. Our solutions can range from connectivity in underground waste containers, for cardiac monitoring equipment or 4G / 5G as a primary line instead of a landline. Solving connectivity problems in the various use cases gives me energy and a sense of satisfaction.

A recent use case that I am extremely proud of is the creation of mobile internet for the Dutch Covid-19 fast test streets. We have been able to do this together with a few partners. In addition, we not only enter the Dutch market, but we also work at a global level. ”


Vera Siebesma - Marketing

”Pleased to meet you, I am Vera Siebesma, who has been working as an All-round Marketeer at Comgate and Capestone since the end of 2020. An important responsibility is Comgate's online visibility. Part of this is content creation, SEO optimization, newsletters and Google Ads. Keeping our website up-to-date is also a daily routine. Good news is that we are developing a new website for Capestone.

Partners can do well by offering 4G / 5G mobile total solutions differentiate in the market. Our Marketing department is happy to help with onboarding. We offer the propositions as a white label variant with all the ingredients a partner needs to convince his customers. Writing use cases helps with this. In collaboration with partners, I set up the use case for different applications in different industries. If you are interested in setting up a use case together, please let me know! This also applies to our white label options for applications such as Temporary Internet. Offering customization ensures that we can really help partners.

Working at Comgate is never boring. There are so many opportunities in this growth market that we can seize in collaboration with our partners. This makes my work very dynamic and interesting. The enthusiasm of the team and thinking in terms of possibilities ensure, among other things, that I enjoy going to work. I am very proud to be part of a strong team that works hard. Ultimately, we want high partner satisfaction and a customer journey that I would also like to experience as a customer. ”


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