Welcome to the new Comgate website!

In recent years, Comgate has grown into an important European IoT Service Provider. To continue this growth, Comgate's HQ was moved to a larger office in Leiden in September 2020. And now a new website will be added. On the new Comgate website you can gather information about our services and products, but it is now also possible to buy or configure custom solutions for your industry.

On this website we offer total solutions for various industries such as construction, automotive and retail. These all-in-one packages consist of the hardware of the parent company Capestone and connectivity from Comgate. By integrating hardware & connectivity in the all-in-one package, you will receive one total solution and you will be completely unburdened.

In addition to the all-in-one packages, you can also request a no-obligation proposal to find a suitable SIM card for your hardware using the 'Choose your SIM' tool. With this tool, you will receive tailor-made advice from our experts within 1 working day.

Comgate also offers 4G Solution packages such as the: 4G Failover and 4G Temporary internet rental package. These Solutions have been specially developed to unburden you and your company when selecting, configuring, installing and using mobile internet solutions. This way you receive a solution that is fully preconfigured including the necessary connectivity.

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