Now is the time to start selling IoT services and Mobile broadband solutions, as more and more devices require a data plan that provides high coverage and uptime. Are you a hardware focused reseller? Even then you can add IoT services & connectivity to your portfolio. Without investment, but benefiting from an attractive margin / fee! As a reseller you will be fully technically supported by a specialist in connectivity and hardware.

Comgate's IoT/data sims are distinctive in the market, network independent and characterized by an attractive compensation model. Our data solutions are also suitable and approved to make your devices smarter and connect them to the internet. Because we are specialists in the field of 4G hardware and data, we always have the best offer. Our cooperation is characterized by short lines, personal contact and expert advice.

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Benefits for Channel Partners

Comgate arranges everything you need to fulfill the data needs of your customer, nationally and internationally. Being a reseller or System Integrator at Comgate offers you many advantages, such as technical support, a complete range of IoT solutions, the best connectivity service in the market for your customers and finally a transparent shared revenue construction, with which you benefit from the entire IoT / M2M and Mobile Broandband project in which you are involved.


Want to become a reseller?

Want to become a reseller?

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No matter how big your company is, our specialization in 4G hardware and connectivity means that we can seamlessly meet any data requirement with associated network advice, at a competitive price!