4G/5G internet at sea

More and more companies in the maritime sector are opting for a 4G solution, or wireless connectivity, for their primary or secondary internet connection at sea. This is for business-critical IT networks or WiFi for the crew. Do you also want mobile internet or WiFi at sea? And do you want to be sure that the combination of hardware, accessories and connectivity is optimal for your application? Then Comgate is happy to help you with an All-in-One solution, especially for the maritime sector.

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All-in-One 4G solution for Maritime

Having fast and stable internet on board has become essential for the maritime sector. Besides speed, the reliability of the internet is equally important. This is achieved by a robust 4G outdoor router, IP67 certified. The router can also be set in such a way that it automatically switches to a different internet connection if the main connection is lost for business-critical communication. Bandwidth bonding ensures that the router connects all active bandwidth (via Ethernet and 4G) into a single super-fast data stream. With Comgate's All-in-One package you have a complete solution that meets all wishes and requirements. You have the fastest, safest and most reliable internet connection possible. Whether you want to add devices to the network, offer WiFi to crew members or have your ship / boat located by means of GPS, it is all possible!

Price per month € 646,00 excl. VAT 

Includes: 1 TB EU Bundle
Duration: 24 months

Included in the All-in-One 4G Maritime solution

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Comprehensive industrial mobile 4G LTE router
A very comprehensive M2M 4G LTE multi-WAN router, robust and stable. With two WAN ports and two 4G ports you can connect up to four different internet connections.
Always connected - business critical communication
You are always assured of a working connection with automatic failover; the router will automatically switch to another available connection if the current connection drops. You can switch between WAN, WiFi as WAN or 4G.
VPN icon
VPN - Connect to headquarters
Easily create a VPN connection over a 4G connection, completely secured.
High data speed, reliability and high security
You have the option of connecting multiple 4G connections into a single super-fast combined data stream thanks to “bonding” technology.
Boat location - Always know where the boat is
The selected router ensures that the boat can always be located via the GPS / Glonass satellite network. This is interesting for inland shipping, sea shipping and companies that rent out boats.
Cloud management system - Remotely manage and set up the router
Your router comes standard with a cloud management system. With a cloud management system, your router can be set up remotely and firmware updates can be carried out.
Plug & Play
Plug & Play solution including EU SIM card, hardware configuration.
Including SLA and extensive experience in this sector on hardware and wireless communication.

4G / 5G for maritime All-in-One offers you;

  • 24/7 stable and fast internet connection
  • Robust Router (metal housing / IP67)
  • Including SIM card 1000GB EU Bundle
  • Super fast data flow through “bonding” technology
  • External antennas for boats
  • Seamless automatic internet failover
  • GPS
  • Configuration
  • Includes SLA Best Effort
  • Shipping
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Configure your own All-in One 4G / 5G solution

Configure your own All-in One 4G / 5G solution

More and more companies are opting for a 4G / 5G LTE solution, or wireless connectivity. Thanks to our specialization in 4G / 5G hardware and connectivity, we can seamlessly meet any data need, wherever you are. A custom-made mobile solution is also possible. Configure your mobile internet total solution, which consists of 4 / 5G router, connectivity, accessories and SLA. For the maritime sector we have looked at the most suitable hardware that meets wishes and needs.

The ideal thing about your composite package is that you pay this monthly in a subscription form, so you have no upfront costs. During the term, you will benefit from our service, remote management portal (s) and expertise.

Sepay opts for Comgate's network-independent eSIM

In order to be able to access the data from (mobile) ATMs, SEPAY was looking for a data plan that provides high coverage and uptime. SEPAY's needs are fulled in with a scalable data plan, both in the number of connections as in the data bundle. SEPAY has chosen Comgate's eSIM.
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