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4G / 5G mobile internet for construction

Do you want internet on the construction site to be able to work efficiently here too? And do you want to be sure that the combination of hardware, antenna and connectivity is optimal for your application? Then Comgate is happy to help you with an All-in-One solution, especially for Construction.

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All-in-One 4G / 5G solution for the Construction EU

Fast and stable internet is essential in construction. Think of the ever-increasing data requirement due to BIM, the use of Apps, digital revision / construction drawings, time registration, work orders, camera surveillance, inspections and recordings on the construction site. With the All-in-One package from Comgate you have a complete solution that meets all wishes and requirements. Mobile internet makes it possible for employees on the construction site to easily scan their cards so that their profile data reaches the contractor or head office. In addition, you can easily connect peripherals to the network, such as a laptop, tablet or scanner.

Price per month € 201,00

Includes: 250 GB EU Bundle
Duration: 24 months

Included in the All-in-One 4G / 5G package

VPN icon
VPN - Connect to headquarters
Easily create a VPN connection over a 4G / 5G connection, fully secured.
Outdoor functionality router - IP65 rating
Thanks to the IP65 rating of the selected router, it can withstand all kinds of weather influences on the construction site. You can therefore also install this router outside on the roof, by the window or on the facade.
High speed
The built-in omni-directional antennas ensures that the 4G / 5G signal is optimally received, so that the speed is optimal.
5G icon
5G ready
The included router is 5G ready and backwards compatible so that it can be used on 4G LTE networks.
WiFi points
Designed as the primary source of the Internet. Thanks to the Gigabit LAN port you can connect this 5G outdoor router wired to other devices that provide further distribution of the internet. WiFi points are created on the construction site using the included access point.
Simply connect a camera to the network for Full HD live video streaming services to protect your construction site.
Plug & Play
Plug & Play solution including EU SIM card, hardware configuration.
Including SLA and extensive experience in this sector on hardware and wireless communication.

4G / 5G for the Construction All-in-One offers you;

  • 24/7 stable and fast internet connection
  • Complete outdoor solution of 5G router (IP65 rating), switch and access points
  • Includes SIM card 250 GB EU
  • Wi-Fi internet access on the construction site
  • Full HD video streaming services for construction site security
  • Configuration
  • Includes SLA Best Effort
  • Shipping
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Configure your own All-in One 4G / 5G solution

Configure your own All-in One 4G / 5G solution

More and more companies are opting for a 4G / 5G LTE solution, or wireless connectivity. Thanks to our specialization in 4G / 5G hardware and connectivity, we can seamlessly meet any data need, wherever you are. A custom-made mobile solution is also possible. Configure your total solution, which consists of 4 / 5G router, connectivity, accessories and SLA. For the construction we have looked at the most suitable hardware that meets wishes and needs.

The ideal thing about your composite package is that you pay this monthly in a subscription form, so you have no upfront costs. During the term, you will benefit from our service, remote management portal (s) and expertise.

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