4G mobile internet for Automotive

Do you want internet in a car, bus or in a complete fleet of commercial vehicles? And is the choice in terms of hardware, accessories and connectivity a quest? Then Comgate is happy to help you with an All-in-One solution especially for vehicles and transport.

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All-in-One 4G solution for Automotive

Fast internet on the go

Being able to use fast internet while on the road is important for both drivers and passengers. The driver can do his job better and the passenger will be happy to come back again if he can view or send his messages, files and videos during the trip without any hiccups. The ideal mobile internet router for bus or car is robust, compact, has a high bandwidth and offers WiFi. For a reliable internet connection on the go, it is useful to have dual SIM. And those who want to be able to trace their vehicle or goods, choose a router with GPS. To make it easy for you, Comgate has made a complete package including; 4G router and accessories, data SIM card and full configuration and service level agreement (SLA). With the All-in-One package from Comgate you have a complete solution that meets all wishes and requirements.

Price per month € 195,00

Includes: 100 GB EU Bundle
Duration: 24 months

Included in the All-in-One 4G Automotive package

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WiFi reception around the vehicle
With our WiFi router you are not only online while on the move, but you also receive internet around the vehicle. And that with several devices at the same time. Always your own network within reach!
Certificate picto
Safety and quality mark through E-Mark certificate
The included router has all security requirements for applications in means of transport and vehicles.
New services for customers; WiFi & narrowcasting
By offering WiFi and narrowcasting for your passengers in the (touring) bus or public transport you are distinctive.
Link of payment terminal
For easy payment processing.
Active GPS support
Real-time information for fleet managers about location / GPS
Cloud management system - Remotely manage and set up the router
Your router comes standard with a cloud management system. With a cloud management system, your router can be set up remotely and firmware updates can be carried out.
Video surveillance & live stream
Simply connect a camera to the network for Full HD live video streaming services to protect your vehicle.
Plug & Play
Plug & Play solution including EU SIM card, hardware configuration.
Support as you may expect
Including SLA and extensive experience in this sector on hardware and wireless communication.

4G All-in-One for Automotive offers you;

  • 24/7 stable and fast internet connection in vehicles
  • Robust router: made for in-vehicle and compact for easy installation (E-Mark certificate)
  • Includes SIM card 250 GB EU
  • Real-time information for fleet managers about location / GPS
  • Connection with Pin terminal
  • Digital signage option
  • Unlimited WiFi for passengers
  • Video surveillance & live stream
  • Configuration
  • Includes SLA Best Effort
  • Including shipping
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Configure your own All-in One 4G / 5G solution

Configure your own All-in One 4G / 5G solution

More and more companies are opting for a 4G / 5G LTE solution, or wireless connectivity. Thanks to our specialization in 4G / 5G hardware and connectivity, we can seamlessly meet any data need, wherever you are. Your own custom-made mobile solution is also possible. Configure your total solution, which consists of 4 / 5G router, connectivity, accessories and SLA. For the Automotive industry we have looked at the most suitable hardware that meets wishes and needs.

The ideal thing about your composite package is that you pay this monthly in a subscription form, so you have no upfront costs. During the term, you will benefit from our service, remote management portal (s) and expertise.

Sepay opts for Comgate's network-independent eSIM

In order to be able to access the data from (mobile) ATMs, SEPAY was looking for a data plan that provides high coverage and uptime. SEPAY's needs are fulled in with a scalable data plan, both in the number of connections as in the data bundle. SEPAY has chosen Comgate's eSIM.
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