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IoT / M2M SIM cards

Manage online machines and devices

With its IoT / M2M SIM cards, Comgate offers a solution for any type of organization that wants to connect to their devices and machines. With full technical support and expertise, new IoT possibilities can be anticipated without major financial risks. And because every industry and every company is different, we offer tailor-made solutions and project support to our partners. Because we go for quality, always.

Advantages of Comgate's IoT / M2M SIM cards

Comgate's IoT/M2M SIM cards have been specially developed for M2M & IoT applications where network coverage, availability and network redundancy are essential. The user's wish not to have to change SIM cards in the future by means of profile switching OTA/Remote Subscription Management is also one of the options.

  • One (1) sim for worldwide M2M / IoT applications
  • Available in various data bundles and as Pay as you Go (PAYG)
  • Multi-operator SIM card
  • Coverage in EU and Worldwide
  • More than 600 roaming partners
  • Possibility of eSIM technology
  • Access to technical and management capabilities of the eSIMs
  • Long life in the field
  • High degree of flexibility due to customization
  • Up / down scale option
  • Global IoT device deployment
  • High reliability requirement
  • 2G / 3G / 4G
  • Full-non-steering SIM card
  • Free roaming throughout the EU
  • Alerting and car management
  • Automatic activation
  • Shared Pricing Plans / Pooled
  • Fixed IP addressing on request
  • API link
  • APN / VPN; on request

IoT / M2M SIM cards based on your preferences

Especially with an IoT / M2M solution you do not want to be dependent on a network, it must be available always and everywhere. Our IoT / M2M SIM cards can be used worldwide, are multi-operator and multi-network, depending on your preferences. Do your company have higher demands on security? There, too, Comgate offers a suitable range especially for IoT / M2M projects. Sim card management is also very easy in our IoT portal, so the most common functions can be linked to your own systems via API.

E-sim technology

With the eSIM you have a future-proof connectivity solution in your hands! An extensive memory on the chip ensures that you can switch profiles over-the-air. This means that you never have to replace a SIM card again, but can look for another profile that you can put on it over-the-air. Another important feature of Comgate's eSIM is that it is managed. This ensures, among other things, that you can view the data usage of all eSIMS in real time. It is also possible to set a usage alert, which means that you will receive a notification as soon as a certain data usage has been reached. Finally, there is the possibility to set a data limit for all eSIMS.

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SIM card

Which Sim do I need? Use the Choose Your Sim tool and receive an instant quote.

The SIM cards are completely network independent. Our eSIMs choose the best available network, so you are always assured of the best quality.

Sepay opts for Comgate's network-independent eSIM

In order to be able to access the data from (mobile) ATMs, SEPAY was looking for a data plan that provides high coverage and uptime. SEPAY's needs are fulled in with a scalable data plan, both in the number of connections as in the data bundle. SEPAY has chosen Comgate's eSIM.
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