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Mobile broadband

Mobile Broadband is wireless access to the internet via a 4G and 5G network, characterized by high data consumption. You can access it via a dongle, MiFi or router. To unlock data from devices/machines, a mobile broadband subscription is required that provides high coverage and uptime. Comgate offers various futureproof data sim solutions. In the form of a fixed offer including our Real Unlimited data SIM cards and as customization, depending on your choice for the region, the number of networks the SIM card may connect to and additional technical requirements. As a hardware expert, we can also completely unburden you!

Comgate Mobile Broadband propositions

Comgate SIM card

Comgate 4G/5G Unlimited NL

€ 77,50 a month excl. VAT
  • Unmanaged M2M SIM
  • Dynamic IP address
  • 1.000GB per month NL
  • Ideal for 4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access
Comgate SIM card

Comgate 4G/5G Unlimited NL

€ 155 a month excl. VAT
  • Managed M2M/IoT SIM
  • Fixed IP address possible
  • 1.000GB per month in NL
  • Ideal for 4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access
Not sure yet which data bundle you need?

Not sure yet which data bundle you need?

Use the Choose your sim tool and receive a quote within 2 working days.

Mobile Broadband Benefits at Comgate

Comgate's Mobile Broadband solutions offer you the option of installing a mobile internet network in places where a fixed internet connection is not possible or does not meet the requirements. Think of the internet in the countryside, mobile internet in vehicles, as a back-up when the fixed internet connection is lost or even as a primary internet connection in the office. The possibilities are unprecedented and new services can also be offered. Think of the connection of a pin terminal, video surveillance or WiFi for guests.

  • One (1) SIM for Mobile Broadband applications worldwide
  • Available in various data bundles and as Pay as you Go (PAYG)
  • Multi-operator SIM card
  • Free roaming throughout the EU as standard
  • Can also be used worldwide at favorable rates
  • More than 600 roaming partners worldwide
  • High Security with Cisco Jasper
  • Access to SIM card management options
  • High availability
  • 4G and possibility on 5G
  • Full-non-steering SIM card
  • Alerting and car management
  • Automatic activation
  • Shared Pricing Plans / Pooled
  • Fixed IP addressing on request
  • API link
  • APN / VPN; on request

Manage your Mobile Broadband connectivity

Through the Comgate portal, we offer you access to various connectivity management platforms including Cisco Jasper and IoT eConnect: an integrated IoT solution that provides immediate worldwide access to your connectivity. Through various connectivity platforms you can:



  • Set your own rules for the use of the SIM card
  • Set up your own warnings for the use of data bundles
  • Set up IMEI blocks
  • perform technical analysis of connections
  • Activate and block SIM cards
  • Abuse management - active / reactive
  • Set up Private APN & VPN (VPN from 500)
  • Draw up specific business rules


To the Comgate portal

Largest photo provider chooses Comgate

To be able to read the machines of the CEWE photo kiosks, fixed internet was previously used via an analogue line. In order to save costs and become less dependent on the fixed line, the possibilities of 4G mobile internet have been examined. This turned out to be very stable. The total solution is completed with 4G hardware in combination with the connectivity of Comgate.
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