Prepaid IoT SIM cards

In addition to IoT / M2M or Mobile Broadband subscriptions, Comgate also offers Prepaid IoT SIM cards. Comgate's managed Prepaid IoT SIM cards provide a fast and stable mobile internet connection in the Netherlands or Europe. The Prepaid IoT SIM cards are available from 50 MB to no less than 25 TB! For fast mobile internet in the Netherlands, you use the KPN network (KPN IoT). For Europe this means that you have coverage via all KPN roaming partners in the EU.

With the Comgate prepaid IoT SIM cards you have an ideal solution for business applications such as backup, IoT solutions in industry or during the realization of Proof of Concepts. In addition, a prepaid SIM card offers the solution when you do not want to be tied to monthly subscription costs and want to keep insight into your data usage.

Comgates Prepaid IoT SIM cards

Comgate SIM card

Comgate Prepaid IoT SIM – NL

From € 30 excl. VAT
  • Managed Prepaid IoT SIM
  • 12 months shelf life
  • incl. management portal
  • From 5 GB to 25 TB in the Netherlands
Comgate SIM card

Comgate Prepaid IoT SIM – EU

From € 7 excl. VAT
  • Managed Prepaid IoT SIM
  • 12 months shelf life
  • incl. management portal
  • From 50 MB to 500 GB in Europe
Not sure yet which data bundle you need?

Not sure yet which data bundle you need?

Use the Choose your sim tool and receive a quote within 2 working days.

Coverage in the Netherlands & Europe

Comgate has two variants of the Prepaid IoT SIM card. One with coverage in Europe and one in the Netherlands. The SIM cards start with small bundles of 50 MB and go up to a whopping 25 TB. After activation of the Prepaid IoT SIM card, the data can be stored for 1 year.

The SIM cards come with a management portal and are specially designed for business applications in 4G/5G and CAT-M network equipment such as routers, MiFis and dongles. Via this management portal you can also easily set up automatic top up. This way you will never run out of data again!

View all roaming partners of KPN in the EU for which you have availability.


The Comgate Prepaid IoT SIM cards are suitable for all kinds of applications:

Industrial IoT:

With the Comgate Prepaid IoT SIM cards you can, for example, read and send data from solar panels to a cloud environment. In applications where the total data requirement on a monthly or annual basis is very low, an IoT Prepaid SIM card offers the ideal solution.

En route:

Simply connect 1 or more SIM cards to a mobile 4G router and ensure fast and secure WiFi in your temporary location, camper or caravan.





Internet for tablet/laptop:

With the prepaid SIM from Comgate you establish your own connection and you are not dependent on WiFi.

Proof of Concepts:

By using Comgate Prepaid IoT SIM cards when realizing Proof of Concepts, companies can quickly and cheaply test whether the mobile internet solution works properly. After the POC, the SIM cards can be removed, upgraded or replaced by other SIM cards IoT/data SIM solutions offered by Comgate.

Comgate prepaid management portal

With the prepaid SIM cards from Comgate you also get access to our management portal. Here you can see your data credit, usage and shelf life. You can also easily top up your data here or set up an automatic refill. When you top up, you take the data & days credit with you to the new period.

Because the Comgate Prepaid IoT SIM cards use the KPN network (KPN IoT) and are managed, a fixed IP address is possible. For this you can contact

Go directly to the Comgate Prepaid Portal>>

Screenshot prepaid portal

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