Comgate provides 4G backup solution to Ticketmaster for access control at events.

Ticketmaster, part of Live Nation Entertainment, is the global leader in ticket presale. Ticketmaster sells tickets for event holders in various countries worldwide. These events range from concerts, theater performances, comedy shows, indoor/outdoor festivals to sporting events. In addition to selling the tickets, Ticketmaster also provides support and access control for entrance tickets. Checking the entrance tickets is done with a handheld scanner that is connected to the internet. To always be guaranteed a stable internet connection, Comgate Ticketmaster has provided the back-up solution in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark by means of a 4G data SIM card in the handheld scanner.

4G Backup for Access Control Ticketmaster

To enable a redundant connection for the handheld scanners, Ticketmaster was looking for a connectivity provider that could provide a back-up connection. Ticketmaster has chosen Comgate for the events in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. In Belgium and Denmark, this is done using SIM cards from KPN-IoT. In these countries, the SIM cards can use all existing networks, so that the backup is optimal. In the Netherlands, KORE Wireless was chosen for the same reason. KORE Wireless offers multiple networks in the Netherlands, so there is always at least one strong 4G network connection available. Even in the countryside.

Nicolai Seidenfaden, Offices & Field IT Manager North-West Europe at Ticketmaster says: “Including Comgate's backup SIM card in the handheld scanners has given us an extra security net during the execution of the access control. If we do not have a working internet connection, a proper check cannot take place and we cannot deliver the desired quality to the event holder. That is why it is extremely important for us to always have failover.”

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