5G All-in One Camper solution

Every year, more than 550.000 households go on holiday in the Netherlands and/or abroad with a caravan or motorhome. These vehicles are now increasingly advanced and optimized into true five-star hotels on wheels. What should of course not be missing here is a fast and stable internet connection. Comgate and Capestone have many years of experience in providing mobile internet for vehicles such as; buses and trucks. We also offer custom solutions for motorhomes so that you are never again dependent on poor WiFi on the campsite and have a secure internet connection everywhere.


Based on the user's needs, Comgate and Capestone have put together a suitable 5G camper bundle. The bundle consists of; the very compact Peplink Transit 5G router, Poynting 5-in-1 roof antenna and two SIM cards; 1 from T-Mobile (national) and a SIM card from KPN IoT (international). Together good for unlimited internet access throughout Europe. In the unlikely event of a network failure, the router will switch to the other network. The router stacks the bandwidth of all WAN connections in a network with extra high speed, reliability and high security. The installation of this solution was easy to do. For example, the compact 5G router is mounted in the motorhome and the Poynting antenna is placed on the roof.


This 5G All-In One camper solution offers mobile internet at every location in the Netherlands and Europe. Ideal for keeping an eye on the weather, looking for the next destination, for watching Netflix and being able to work on the road as one is used to at the office. From the Netherlands or other countries in Europe, you can also stay connected online with the home front.


One-time setup

The one-time set-up is a major advantage of the mobile internet solution compared to a satellite dish solution. For example, with a satellite dish you have to place and adjust the dish again on the motorhome at every location. With the All-In One 5G solution, you set up the router, SIM card and antenna once, and then carry out the installation. Users of this total solution are never again dependent on the WiFi at a campsite. So you can go where you want without having to worry about the internet connection.

Poynting roof antenna


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