Comgate supplies mobile internet for Dutch Covid-19 quick- test lanes.

While with a normal corona test it takes at least 24 hours before you get the result, with a rapid test the result can sometimes be known within a minute. A lot of time can be saved by setting up test lanes quickly. The national rapid test streets can provide a better balance between the pressure on healthcare on the one hand and allowing economic activities to continue as far as possible on the other. Visitors to Covid-19 test lanes are quickly notified and registered. The result of the test is recorded digitally. A fast and stable internet connection on location for informing visitors and the use of devices such as laptops is essential.


In order to achieve the objectives of the fast test streets by GidPro, the cooperation, which goes back more than 5 years with sister company Capestone, was intensified. As an expert in the field of 4G hardware and connectivity, Comgate has put together a total package consisting of 4G hardware, connectivity and accessories to enable mobile internet at these locations.



Vanessa Claessen, Sales Director IoT at Comgate talks about this project: 'In this use case it immediately became clear that this was a temporary internet solution, for which we have tailored appropriate advice to our partner GidPro. Thanks to our expertise in hardware and connectivity, we have been able to advise and supply GidPro with the right total package. GidPro has been able to experience an easy and fast rollout in this with their technical knowledge. Thanks to the good cooperation with our partners and suppliers, we have been able to deliver quickly in a project to which I am personally proud that we can contribute to this. '


Remote management of routers

To go for a high-end solution, Cradlepoint's 4G routers (IBR900) were chosen. Remote management of the routers and the ability to guarantee a highly secure mobile internet connection is guaranteed by the management and application platform: NetCloud. For example, GidPro can quickly implement and dynamically manage networks in geographically distributed locations, and monitor them continuously. Integrating Netcloud with the routers creates the opportunity to improve productivity, increase reliability and reduce costs.

Evert Suur, Area Director Northern Europe at Cradlepoint: “I am extremely proud that we, together with our partners, can be of importance in the design and connectivity of these Covid-19 test lanes. The power and flexibility of the cloud-managed Wireless WAN Cradlepoint solution really does justice to this! ”

test street ahoy
Collaboration partners

Danny Kronenburg, founder and owner of GidPro: 'The entire exercise to provide dozens of locations in almost all of the Netherlands with ICT and connectivity at a rapid pace in order to enable our client to provide 24/7 services. This has been made possible by working with good partners, high-quality equipment, and a passionate and talented team. In these strange times it is good for us to be able to contribute to a little more freedom for people '.