Detection of odor nuisance using the eNose

Comon Invent is an internationally operating innovative company that offers end-to-end solutions for monitoring local air quality. This fast-growing organization offers a specialized online platform for real-time monitoring of industrial gas emissions. With this information service, combining various data sources, such as eNose data (electronic nose), meteorological and residential complaints data, companies in the petrochemical industry, port authorities, environmental services and other government agencies are particularly supported. The connectivity solution between the eNose and the online platform to read and analyze data is provided by Comgate.

The growth of eNose

Currently, the eNose is used in twenty countries to detect and monitor gaseous emissions in the air. The focus is on information provision with support in the interpretation and analysis of the information obtained. A major advantage of the eNose is that an organization quickly detects unwanted emissions and can take measures to prevent nuisance in the surrounding area.

In 1998, Comon Invent was approached by Schiphol to develop a system that could detect and track traces of kerosene. 'Where previously a sample of the groundwater once a year was considered sufficient, the information is now transparent in real time and always accessible.' Not long afterwards, the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam Authority asked whether the eNose could also trace emissions and odor sources in the port area. Other important clients of Comon Invent are: the oil & gas industry, steel mills, private companies and local governments. With the help of the eNose network, these organizations can monitor the air quality in a specific area 24/7 and what the possible impact could be.


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For the past three years, Comgate IoT has been supplying SIM cards to Comon Invent for the eNose. Lennart Verhoef, Operations Manager at Comon Invent says: 'The main reason why Comon Invent chose Comgate is the price-technical advantage and good coverage worldwide. We provide our information service to companies in South Africa, the Bahamas and the United Emirates, among others. It is therefore important that an internet connection is possible anywhere in the world. The contact between Comon Invent and Comgate is also very pleasant due to the short lines. A very valuable link with the operator. The support department is professional and easily accessible when there are questions ”.

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