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KiesZon ​​finds a mobile data communication partner in Comgate

KiesZon ​​has been an important designer of the solar revolution in the Netherlands since 2009. Within an operational lease, roof rental or purchase construction, they organize the development, financing, realization and exploitation of large-scale solar power projects on roofs or in field setup. A 4G total solution was sought in order to detect and remedy faults from the solar power projects. The right mobile data communication partner was found in Comgate.

Comgate offers the complete mobile internet solution for KiesZon

The solar power projects vary in size from 160 to 160.000 panels. One of these projects is located at a distribution center in Oss, where KiesZon ​​has realized a solar roof with 7.508 solar panels. To read the solar panels and send the data to KiesZon's Monitoring and Reporting Platform, a reliable, secure and fast data connection is essential.

A major problem with KiesZon's connectivity was data disruptions. The vast majority of service calls were about this. That is why we went looking for a party for the project in Oss that could guarantee reliability of the data communication, '' says Frederik van Asbeck, Manager Operations & Maintenance. Other requirements for a partnership were: the delivery of quality products, in combination with fast and high-quality service. KiesZon ​​found these requirements at Comgate. Comgate offered a complete mobile internet solution by providing the combination of a router together with IoT connectivity. The collaboration has been the start of many subsequent projects between Comgate and KiesZon.

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Improve performance through data

A well-functioning mobile internet solution enables KiesZon ​​to read its data from the solar power projects. This data is uploaded to a server via a push. Here the data is read and visualized by means of a Monitoring and Reporting platform. Using the visualisations, KiesZon ​​can easily analyze the performance of the solar power system. For example, KiesZon ​​is able to detect abnormalities at an early stage so that they can be investigated in time. As soon as an abnormality is detected, a service engineer will be sent to the site. This can identify a problem with the help of various measurements so that it can be solved. As a result, KiesZon ​​achieves an uptime of more than 99,5% for all their solar power systems that they manage and an optimal return is achieved.


In addition to KiesZon, the Platform is also used by its customers. Via a self-developed dashboard, customers can quickly read what the productions are and whether objectives are being achieved. For example, the distribution center from Oss can read that in 2020 a yield of 1.842.848 kWh was achieved. This equals 1.105.709 kg of avoided CO2.

Frederik van Asbeck says about the collaboration: “Comgate is the party that advises KiesZon ​​in the field of mobile data communication. Communication lines are short and in case of problems, a suitable solution is sought together. Fast, decisive and informal. ''

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