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Largest photo provider chooses Comgate

To be able to read the machines of the CEWE photo kiosks, fixed internet was previously used via an analogue line. In order to save costs and become less dependent on the fixed line, the possibilities of 4G mobile internet have been examined. This turned out to be very stable. The total solution is completed with 4G hardware in combination with the connectivity of Comgate.

CEWE was founded in 1961 by HC Heinz Neumüller, owner of a small photo shop in Oldenburg, and has since come a long way, withstanding several transitions in photography with flying colors. More than 50 years later, CEWE is located in 24 European countries and is the largest European player in the field of photo finishing. The company with a Dutch office in Nunspeet offers an extensive photo service for consumers. With the greatest care, CEWE turns photos into something special; from prints to photo books, from wall decoration to photo calendars.


CEWE offers photo kiosks that can be found in various (retail) chains all over Europe. Mediamarkt, Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Cora are, among others, customers. These companies use the software and printing via CEWE. Their customers can order photos via the website or do this in the store. At the CEWE Photo Kiosk in the shop you can easily link different mobile devices, in order to easily print your selected photos in the desired format, with or without editing.


Reading the photo kiosk via 4G mobile internet

A photo kiosk can also be found in all Kruidvat stores. In the past, fixed internet via an analog line was used to read the machines. To save costs and become less dependent on the fixed line, we started looking at the possibilities of 4G mobile internet. This turned out to be very stable. This solution is provided by 4G LTE routers in combination with the connectivity of Comgate. The biggest advantage of the routers is the fact that we can monitor all routers. Everything is in-house. We can monitor and manage everything via RMS, Teltokina's Remote Management System. This results in a low failure rate, which of course affects the costs and satisfaction of CEWE customers. By equipping the photo kiosks with a router to connect wirelessly to the internet via the 4G mobile network, CEWE is able to offer a complete total solution to retail chains.


Personal contact and great team

“Comgate offers a total solution. It is a party where I have personal contact with the employees, which works very well. The hardware was neatly arranged with a sharply matching data plan and the lines are short for questions. The team knows their business and is a specialist in their field ”


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