Comgate offers Jitske Kramer the possibility of live streaming in a camper with connectivity

Jitske Kramer is a corporate anthropologist and well-known speaker in the Netherlands. Through lectures and masterclasses she brings her knowledge and experiences to the world of organisation, collaboration and leadership. In the past year, Jitske had to look for online alternatives to still be able to share her story during the Covid-19 pandemic. Comgate spoke to Jitske Kramer about one of these alternatives: live streaming from the camper. Comgate advised and delivered the Mobile Broadband connectivity. 

It is very important that the quality of the lectures is guaranteed. Giving lectures via an internet stream is only possible if the connection is guaranteed to be strong. A reliable WiFi connection is just as important for speakers as gas, water and light. Jitske says about this: ''I don't want to have to think about the connection, but it must always work! If the stream doesn't function properly, I can't guarantee the quality that I promise and value to my customers."

Mobile Broadband Connectivity

In order to be able to stream razor-sharp images without stuttering, Comgate Mobile advised and supplied Broadband connectivity. The live streaming of lectures is characterized by high data consumption, for which Mobile Broadband offers the ideal connectivity solution. Comgate's Mobile Broadband connectivity has more than 600 roaming partners worldwide, providing Jitske with excellent reception throughout Europe.

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