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Smart solution for elderly care with LoRaWAN connectivity

As the world's population ages, so does the demand for aged care in healthcare facilities. One of the most difficult tasks in elderly care is caring for people with incontinence. Statistics show that urine loss and incontinence problems occur in almost one in ten people in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is time consuming for healthcare workers to check multiple times a day whether the incontinence diaper needs to be changed and can be inconvenient for the elderly. Especially for this challenge ontex developed the Orizon Smart solution. To connect the solution to the internet, Ontex has opted for Capestone and Comgate.

business challenge

Ontex is a Belgian personal hygiene company that has developed a smart solution to improve incontinence care. This breakthrough solution will accelerate the innovation process in aged care. The Orizon Smart Incontinence Management System was developed to alert caregivers when the resident's absorbent product has reached a certain level of saturation, helping them to ensure patient dignity and comfort.

Healthcare professionals are doing their best to meet the needs of the healthcare facility, but they still cannot say for sure whether or not an absorbent product needs to be replaced without repeating checks 2 to 3 times a day. Such errors lead to residents being unnecessarily bothered with constant checks on their absorbent products. To solve this problem, Ontex has developed a smart incontinence care system with the technology of TEXTIC gateways and connectivity from Comgate, which sends alerts when the absorbent product is saturated and needs to be replaced.


Changing an absorbent product is a task for a caregiver that can be difficult and can lead to discomfort for the elderly. In addition to the physical discomfort of changing the product, residents may also develop urinary tract infections or incontinence-related dermatitis if the absorbent product is not changed in time. In this way, other essential care tasks become expensive because they require more time and effort from the medical staff.


A smart incontinence diaper is the simplest and most efficient solution, contributing to an improved resident experience, reducing unnecessary use of incontinence products and taking international personal hygiene to the next level. Using TEKTELIC's LoRaWAN gateways and connectivity from Comgate, Ontex has developed a solution in the form of a smart personal hygiene product that solves existing problems in continence care. The system consists of an Orizon clip-on device, to be attached to a new smart incontinence diaper, transmission technology with a gateway from TEKTELIC and a cloud-based backend, which uses advanced algorithms and alerts healthcare providers as soon as the absorbent product is saturated. The combination of these elements provides accurate information that is accessible through an app, so that caregivers and residents no longer have to perform extra unnecessary checks.

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Custom configuration

To roll out the fleet of products, Capestone and Comgate configured the gateways according to the configuration settings defined by Ontex and then delivered the LoRa gateways, SIM cards and data connectivity as a turnkey complete solution. The settings in the TEKTELIC gateway are customized and the SIM card is set with the correct APN.

Nikhil Nagwanshi, Global Procurement Category Manager at Ontex explains: “By having the configuration of the entire fleet carried out by Capestone, we are completely unburdened. This ultimately saves us money but also time. A big advantage of working with Capestone is their ability to scale to our needs. As Ontex grows every year, so does our device rollout. It is important for us to have a reliable partner who can grow with us.”


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