HB Water Technology chooses Comgate IoT solution

More and more attention is being paid to greenery in urban areas and buildings. Architects are increasingly making challenging designs in which greenery plays an important role. Technical irrigation systems are necessary for a long life and sustainability of the greenery in these projects. Comgate spoke with Kris Bouhuijzen, Director Owner of HB Water Technology. The specialist who designs, supplies, realizes and manages these systems. For a carefree irrigation system, sensors are used that measure soil moisture, temperature and water pressure and which can be monitored and managed via an online dashboard. To be able to access the data, HB Water Technology has opted for Capestone hardware and Comgate's connectivity with an eSIM.

Monitor and manage current sensor data

To control and monitor accurate irrigation of green projects from a distance, HB Water Technology and its sister company IMC developed the IMC box; Irrigation Moisture Control. The 'iMC Box' is an innovative combination of the operation of an irrigation system with the current data from moisture sensors, a water pressure and flow sensor, a temperature sensor and various free monitor contacts. Fully remote controllable via the internet with a smartphone, tablet or PC via the browser or APP. This box generates real-time data communication that can be read via a dashboard.

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Topology HB Water Technology

Topology Teltonika networks hb water technology

Future vision

Fully automated water-technical activities also help customers far beyond the Dutch border. “Our roots in“ waterland ”The Netherlands certainly work to our advantage. We see many opportunities around IoT in the field of water management. Different data resources will be increasingly linked in the future. A party such as Comgate is complementary to us. For example, we purchase the hardware and connectivity in a subscription form, fully pre-configured and ready for use. The easy upscaling and downscaling of our sales is a plus for our cooperation, also in the future ”.


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