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Ontex Orizon smart diaper clipon2

Smart solution for elderly care with LoRaWAN connectivity

Statistics show that urine loss and incontinence problems occur in almost one in ten people in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is time consuming for healthcare workers to check multiple times a day whether the incontinence diaper needs to be changed and can be inconvenient for the elderly. Ontex has developed the Orizon Smart solution especially for this challenge. To connect the solution to the internet, Ontex chose Capestone and Comgate.

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Comgate provides 4G backup solution to Ticketmaster for access control at events.

Checking the entrance tickets is done with a handheld scanner that is connected to the internet. To always be guaranteed a stable internet connection, Comgate Ticketmaster has provided the back-up solution in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark by means of a 4G data SIM card in the handheld scanner.

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Capestone office

Fast, secure and stable 5G internet connection for the office

A challenge that many companies in the Netherlands face is having a good internet connection at the office. An unstable, unreliable or simply slow internet connection can have major consequences for your business. For example, this can affect the efficiency of your business processes. This not only wastes time but also money. The use of a 5G router for primary internet or as a backup with fiber optic / copper can offer the solution in many cases.

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cool world

Rental units with cooling, freezing and heating equipment from Coolworld made smarter by IoT

Last year, Coolworld was looking for a solution to make its rental units smarter by using a reliable 4G IoT solution in combination with 24×7 support for business-critical applications. By using Cradlepoint's 4G robust routers, each unit can now be controlled and monitored remotely.

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safety industry

VISICS Optimizes Security and Efficiency of Industrial Companies Worldwide Using Comgate's Mobile Internet Solution

VISICS is a digital solution that industrial companies can rent to gain greater safety and efficiency during turnarounds and shutdowns. To set up the digital system anywhere in the world, ATG uses the mobile internet solution from Comgate and its sister company Capestone.

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Camper Peplink Transit

5G All-in One Camper solution

Every year, more than 550.000 households go on holiday in the Netherlands and/or abroad with a caravan or motorhome. These vehicles are now increasingly advanced and optimized into true five-star hotels on wheels. What should of course not be missing here is a fast and stable internet connection. Comgate and Capestone have many years of experience in providing mobile internet for vehicles such as; buses and trucks. We also offer custom solutions for motorhomes so that you are never again dependent on poor WiFi on the campsite and have a secure internet connection everywhere.

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