Use cases.

Comgate supplies mobile internet for Dutch Covid-19 quick- test lanes.

While with a normal corona test it takes at least 24 hours before you get the result, with a rapid test the result can sometimes be known within a minute. A lot of time can be saved by setting up test lanes quickly. A fast and stable internet connection on location for informing visitors and the use of devices such as laptops is essential.

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HB Water Technology chooses Comgate IoT solution

There is an increasing focus on green in urban areas and buildings. HB Water Technology is the specialist that designs, supplies, realizes and manages technical irrigation systems. For a carefree irrigation system, sensors are used that measure soil moisture, temperature and water pressure and which can be monitored and managed via an online dashboard. To be able to access the data, HB Water Technology has opted for Capestone hardware and Comgate's connectivity with an eSIM.

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Solar power project oss

KiesZon ​​finds a mobile data communication partner in Comgate

KiesZon ​​has been an important designer of the solar revolution in the Netherlands since 2009. Within an operational lease, roof rental or purchase construction, they organize the development, financing, realization and exploitation of large-scale solar power projects on roofs or in field setup. A 4G total solution was sought in order to detect and remedy faults from the solar power projects. The right partner was found in Comgate.

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sepay-mobile-ATM review

Sepay opts for Comgate's network-independent eSIM

In order to be able to access the data from (mobile) ATMs, SEPAY was looking for a data plan that provides high coverage and uptime. SEPAY's needs are fulled in with a scalable data plan, both in the number of connections as in the data bundle. SEPAY has chosen Comgate's eSIM.

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eNose port

Detection of odor nuisance using the eNose

Comon Invent is an internationally operating innovative company that offers end-to-end solutions for monitoring local air quality. This fast-growing organization offers a specialized online platform for real-time monitoring of industrial gas emissions ...

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photo box

Largest photo provider chooses Comgate

To be able to read the machines of the CEWE photo kiosks, fixed internet was previously used via an analogue line. In order to save costs and become less dependent on the fixed line, the possibilities of 4G mobile internet have been examined. This turned out to be very stable. The total solution is completed with 4G hardware in combination with the connectivity of Comgate.

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